S3 Training Schools Restructuring

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    S3 Training Schools Restructuring

    The Arma Combat Support School has been rolled into the Arma School of Infantry. This change will give us a larger pool of instructors and bring the role of training the 11C closer to how it is handled in the US Army.

    The Arma School of Infantry is introducing 6 new courses aimed at supporting the 11C MOS:


    1. Indirect Fire Infantryman Course: This course is aimed at teaching troopers new to the MOS how to use the MK-6 mortar.

    2. Infantry Mortar Leader's Course: This course will teach troopers how to produce firing data for mortars, how to site mortars and all aspects of moving and fighting with mortars.


    3. Infantry Heavy Weapons Course: This course will teach troopers the features and use of the following weapons:
    • M2 .50cal Machine Gun
    • MK-19 Grenade Launcher
    • Tripod-mounted BGM-71 TOW
    • FGM-148 Javelin
    • M3 MAAWS

    4. Basic Demolitions Course: This course will instruct students in the use and deactivation of demolitions and mines for the purposes of conducting ambushes, destruction of enemy equipment/infrastructure and breaching obstacles.


    5. Forward Observer Course: This course is aimed at providing students with the training and knowledge required to call in indirect fire on enemy targets, create and execute fire plans and coordinate the efforts of multiple forward observers.

    6. Forward Air Controller Course: Students of this course will learn how to effectively use and call in close air support assets to attack enemy targets in support of operations.

    The Arma School of Infantry is recruiting instructors. Contact @Argus.J for more information.
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