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RTC Furlough Announcement

Discussion in 'Public Announcements' started by York.K, Dec 22, 2019.

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    The 7th Cavalry Recruit Training Command Wishes Everyone Happy and Safe Holidays!

    If you’re a recruit what does this mean for you?

    During our yearly Furlough our department goes on leave during the holiday season to give our Drill Sergeants time to spend with their families. This means that your recruit folders will not be updated until Furlough ends.

    During this time you can still enlist and fill out the forms to start your process, however your initial start time of training will not start until we return from holidays in
    January. This does not delay your entry or hold you back from joining the Cav.

    We wanted to make this post as a way to let all recruits and anyone who is thinking of joining that the Recruit Training Command staff is not ignoring you and that we are not overlooking your application. We do care, however, we all need to take a break and spend time with our families over the holidays.

    You can still apply to join and we will respond to your application in January 2020!

    Once again Happy and Safe Holidays from everyone in the Recruit Training Command!

    2nd Lieutenant Kyle York
    Recruit Training Command OIC

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