Public Operation Parting Gift 13 OCT 18 1700Z - 14 OCT 18 1700Z

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    As its name suggests, this is an Operation that will span an entire day, a full 24 Hours, starting from Saturday, October 13th at 1700 Zulu (1300) Time and ending on Sunday, October 14th at 1700 Zulu (1300) Time. To check Zulu Time Click Here.

    The Operation will take place on the 7th Cavalry's Arma 3 Tactical Realism 2 Server.
    IP :
    Port : 2322
    Required Mods : Click Here

    The Operation will feature a 7th Cavalry Combined Arms Battlegroup comprising all categories of assets currently fielded by the Regiment's Alpha, Bravo and Charlie Companies which range from infantry, heavy weapons, to armor and aircraft.

    Opposing the 7th Cavalry Battlegroup will be a Russian Mechanized Force commanded and controlled by the mission author, Corporal Radu Moraru, a veteran mission maker and experienced Arma 3 tanker.

    The each side will fight to maintain control over the North-Eastern quarter of the Island of Altis, with the 7th Cavalry Regiment initially scrambling to contain the first wave of Russian troops.

    Who will, literally, win the day?

    Come and find out on October 13th and become part of a round-the-clock tactical realism "tour de force" without parallel in the Arma 3 community!
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