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Promotions and Positions

Discussion in 'Hotline bulletin board' started by Burgundy.C, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. Burgundy.C

    Burgundy.C Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Active Member

    We received a complaint a few days ago on how positions are assigned and how the regiment determines who they go to. I am going to be a bit direct and blunt on this. The complaint is that a person/people were upset that I assigned a relatively new person to 1SG of Charlie and how before I did the same with Post Scriptum's original CC. I believe rewards should go to those who earn them, not those who merely warm a seat for some term. We can use things like Tig/Tis to break deadlocks and determine who should be considered "at a glance", but when someone puts in the effort it takes to organize and lead a new game, they earned the privilege of leading it.

    1SG Gallagher, with the help of those who joined him in Hell Let Loose, built that Start up to where it is now, and he and his fellows have earned the positions they now sit in. Furthermore, I have full confidence that they will earn future positions they create within it for themselves and the troopers they are bringing into the regiment. I will not give someone the privilege of leading a unit they had no hand in creating, no interest in playing, and no sacrifices made for. How long you have been in the cav confers no 'right' to leadership, your work and efforts are what earn you the 'privilege' of leadership.
  2. Rex.J

    Rex.J Specialist Discharged

    Well for me it sounds as you made a choice as long people fit for the positions and as you mentioned in your post I have no problems with it. The problem I have if and when people get a promotions or a positions because they are friends with someone, thats not fair. But as long they deserved it and worked for it I don't see a prob. I mean it's not the time in service that says it all but what you can provide and accomplish in that rank and positions. I don't see why someone will have a problem with that. But then again I don't know the whole story to this. But I have confident in that people who decide those things know what they doing. And it's for the best for the cav, and not for some individuals.
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