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[Operation] [War Thunder] World War - Road To The West (1200Z 01JUL20 - 10JUL20)

Discussion in 'Operations' started by Cappedu.R, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. Cappedu.R

    Cappedu.R 1-7 SP Member Specialist Active Member


    A new season in ‘World War’ begins on July 1st. Large scale operations with unique missions and awesome prizes await squadrons and lone fighters alike!

    July 1st until July 20th - 10 game days of the “Road to the West” season!


    Starting on July First 12:00z and for next 10 days we will be meeting in War Thunder Chat lobby on teamspeak Come Join us if you meet the in game requirements and wish to participate. Operation will be open to all Cav members who want to and are able join.

    Edit* all members will be able to join as "Even if the participants in the battles don’t have the vehicles presented in the army vehicle group, they will get the group basic vehicle (★)" gaijin.
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  2. Kinser.E

    Kinser.E A/2-7 Trooper Private Active Member

    when is the next match
    I do play war thunder had to start a new account since PS4 stopped letting me use Golden Eagles.
    But I still have that account
  3. Boyd.M

    Boyd.M B/1-7 ASL Corporal Active Member

    Secondary Billets:
    Regimental Recruiting - Recruiter, Military Police - Staff, S5 - Arma Public Relations
  4. Kinser.E

    Kinser.E A/2-7 Trooper Private Active Member

    the GMT is 5.07.20 14:00-22:00 GMT that will be tomorrow at 9am I wont make the one today have training with HLL squad