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[Operation] [Squad] Sarin Snapshot 12SEP20 2359Z

Discussion in 'Operations' started by IMO.Bot, Aug 1, 2020 at 2:40 PM.

  1. IMO.Bot

    IMO.Bot Posting Bot 7Cav Bots Active Member

    Operation Sarin Snapshot
    Campaign Eagle Claws Bear part 1

    Event Controller: SPC.Johnny.A
    Date: Saturday, Sept. 12th 2020
    Estimated Length: 1.5 hours max
    Briefing: 2330 Zulu
    Setup start: 2359 Zulu
    Mission Start: 0010 Zulu
    Endex: 0130 Zulu
    Server: 7Cav Events Server
    Map: Talil RAAS v3 USA vs RU


    Russia has been accused of supplying chemical weapons to Syrian forces, which were used against US forces. Trump has authorized the bombing of the base supplying said weapons. The northern airbase was destroyed ruining RU chance of bringing air or armor capabilities to the battlefield. A quick light moving US force is to move in and attack the southern airbase, locate the chemical weapons and remove them. Trump is keen on showing the world proof of what RU has done and doesn't want to bomb the southern airbase and destroy the evidence.
    RU has a FOB almost 20 minutes away which houses some UAVs, ATG capable jets and T-72s. If US forces can knock out the Control Towers "radio" before they arrive RU will have no choice but to recall the air and armor assets. The Power station "radio" is allowing RU to call in additional ground forces, destroying this radio will cease a massive counter attack by RU infantry(no re spawns). Most importantly Trump has promised the world if a victory is achieved here today than he will continue his campaign and rid the Middle East of RU forces for good.

    US infantry must capture Sarin supply crates located in hanger 6 for at least 5 minutes. Then destroy the crates with any means necessary.

    Bonus Objectives:
    Air Traffic Control Tower(ATC) houses a radio signalling to RU air and armor assets. Destroy this radio prior their arrival(1Hr29min59sec) and RU will not be allowed such assets.

    RU southern airbase has a power station allowing a radio to signal for infantry reinforcements. Destroy this radio and RU infantry will not be allowed to re spawn.

    USA Rules:
    Limited to 4 lives(3 re spawns)
    Only medics can revive
    All kits are allowed

    Can use UH60 helis, m939 Logis, M1126 Strykers, MATV varients TOW, Crow or open top.
    Can build FOBS/HABS anywhere outside the airbase walls
    Cannot use artillery assets, can use A10 Strike & UAV
    Cannot use M2A3 Bradley or M1A2 Abrams
    Cannot attack / leave base until 1hr49min59sec

    RU Rules:
    Limited to 3 lives(2 re spawns)
    Only medics can revive
    All kits are allowed
    Cannot use artillery assets, can use UAV & SU-25 Strike if radio survives(obj2)
    Cannot re spawn if radio is destroyed(obj3)
    Cannot use / build Kornets
    Cannot build any emplacements / items on top of radios
    Can use T-72 if radio survives(obj2)
    Can use BDRM2(Scout Car)
    Can use 3 Ural 4320 Logistics Trucks and 1 mi-8 Helicopter, no limit on logistics runs
    Will be allowed free setup time until 1hr49min59sec

    Community Attendace:
    3rd SFG - 15 members
    20R Gaming - 15 members

    7 Cavalry members please respond with "I would like to attend <Rank/Name>"
    Submitted by - Johnny.A
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  2. Johnny.A

    Johnny.A E/2-7 Trooper Specialist Active Member

    Secondary Billets:
    S3 - Squad Operations Staff, S5 - Squad Public Relations
    I would like to attend SPC.Johnny.A
  3. Emerson.D

    Emerson.D Aide to the Chief of Staff 1st Lieutenant Active Member

    I would like to attend, Chief Warrant Officer 3 Emerson, Dan
  4. Bazer.J

    Bazer.J E/2-7 ASL Specialist Active Member

    Secondary Billets:
    S1 - Uniforms Clerk
    I would like to attend SPC.Bazer.J
  5. Anderson.Q

    Anderson.Q E/2-7 Trooper Private Active Member

    I would like to attend. Private Anderson, Quinn