[Operation] [Hell Let Loose] Capture The Tank 14SEP19 2200Z

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    Operation Premise: This type of operation is similar in nature to capture the flag. However since Hell Let Loose does not have that as a current game mode, this serves as something akin to it so that troopers can have variety as well as have fun.

    Operation Setup: During OP setup phase, 1x Armored Crewmen will spawn in and drive a tank to a predetermined location on the map. The location will be all the way across the map in the first enemy held sector. The crewman will have to stay with the tank to keep the vehicle from blowing up. It is recommended that the mission controllers be the one driving the tank, however, anyone who wants to, can also be the tank driver.

    1-505th confirmed to attend with some Infantry.

    MAP: St. Marie DuMont

    Operation Ruleset:

    1. The tank cannot move unless the tank has a full crew.

    2. There will be no platoon commander except during OPSETUP (which their only purpose will be to mark the location for the tank to drive to at the beginning). This is to ensure that the tanks do not get hit with a bombing run.

    3. No Anti-Tank Personnel.

    4. If the tank has a full crew, it may engage the enemy tank, as well as anything else.

    5. If the tank is destroyed, that side loses the round, and then both sides enter an RESET, and regroup at their respective garrisons while another tank is put into position.

    6. Garrisons may be placed ONLY inside the first two sectors. They may not be placed in the middle sector or in the enemy’s two sectors. Squad spawns may be placed in the middle sector, but not inside the enemy’s two sectors.

    7. Make best effort to not camp tank on defense, focus on attack more.

    8. There will only be 1x Armored section, with a max of 3x troopers. One of those troopers will be the person who is driving the tank. The other 2x troopers will spawn in with the rest of their team and try and advance to the tank.(Variable on size of attendance)

    9. If a team manages to successfully capture their tank, they win that round, and a RESET begins.

    10. At the end of the time limit on the map, the team with the most round wins is the victor.

    RESET - When a RESET is called by the mission controllers or the mission OIC, each team immediately stops firing and begins a full retreat to the closest garrison. This phase will last long enough for the tank to get back into position. The only reason a RESET to be called is when either a tank makes it back to the capture point, or it is destroyed.
    Submitted by - Lombardi.M
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