Operation 119 [Unsung ACV] Friday 20APR18 2330z (7:30 PM EDT)

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    Operation 119
    @2330 Zulu

    AO : Cao Bang

    Mission : Destroy All enemy at Hill 119

    Ground 30

    Air 40

    Command 50

    INTSUM : This operation has been in the works for little over two weeks now. Intel has gathered that NVA forces are dug in tight and witholding the bombardment of the US airstrikes on the Hill. Hill 119 has been shelled with heavy boming for two days in a row under heavy enemy AA in the area. It is time for US Air Cav forces to now press the assualt on the hill. Intel reports of a enemy ocupided ridge and training camp in the region. We will be taking out both as well as securing a crossing to the area.


    Local Time of Operation Start : 2330Z
    Weather : Overcast , Light fog - Morning

    US Forces :

    3 x Company HQ
    3 x Platoon HQ

    30 X Infantry

    5x Pilots

    Total : Squads / Slots will open up as more join number above are an estimate

    7th Cav members sign up HERE for slots
    Download MODS HERE
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    Mission complete