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Minimum Requirements for Enlistment in the 7th Cavalry

Discussion in 'Recruit Requirements' started by Chance.JT, Nov 28, 2018.

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  1. Chance.JT

    Chance.JT Regimental Commander GOA Active Member

    Here are the minimum standards for enlistment into the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment:

    1. Minimum age is 18, not debatable, no exceptions

    2. You must have a microphone

    3. Must have Team Speak 3

    4. Must have one of the following games to join:

    Arma 3 WITH Apex DLC
    Hell Let Loose
    Planetside 2
    Escape from Tarkov
    5. Must be willing to play in a Military and Tactical Realism Unit

    6. Must be willing to take orders and follow the chain of command

    7. Once you complete Boot Camp you will be assigned to a Section/Squad and you must practice with that group. If you cannot attend the practice of your assigned Section/Squad due to work or some other real life event, you must be excused by your Section/Squad Leader. Options for making up the practice can be discussed with your Section/Squad Leader and Platoon Chain of Command.

    8. Must be active on the forum 1 time a week. Your Section/Squad Leader will make a roll call post once a week, you must respond to this post in the required manner.

    9. Must not be a member of another FPS Clan/Unit. Dual Clanning is prohibited.

    10. Must not have a VAC or Game Ban on record within the last 5 years.

    NOTE: Minimum requirements 'issues' must be resolved within 10 days of enlistment or the enlistee will be DISCHARGED
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