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Medals Awarded (Operation Twilight Angel) - 13MAR20 - S1 Completed

Discussion in 'Medals and Awards' started by Bell.K, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. Bell.K

    Bell.K Staff Sergeant Discharged

    Bronze Star Medal with Valor
    Corporal Michael Connelly
    While serving under Bandit 1 during Operation Twilight Angel, Corporal Michael Connelly displayed acts of skill and heroism that went above and beyond the call of duty. Upon being the last non-ambulatory member of the Alpha Fireteam, CPL. Connelly conducted first responder treatment and was crucial in the recovery of both the Bandit-1 leadership element, and ensuring the continuity of the squad during a one-life operation; despite the critical nature of his own wounds. Continuing to perform throughout the operation with an injured leg, CPL. Connelly continued to move with his recovered squad and was critical for ensuring Bandit-1's mission success by laying down consistently accurate 40mm and suppressive fire, continuing to engage targets while sustaining injuries himself. Ultimately, when the squad experienced a second mass-casualty situation, Corporal Connelly successfully recovered his squad mates and provided cover for inbound medical elements. Corporal Connelly, throughout the operation, displayed intrepidity, skill and critical actions that are in keeping with the highest traditions of the military forces of the United States and reflect great credit upon itself and the 7th Cavalry Regiment.

    Bronze Star Medal with Valor
    Chief Warrant Officer 2 Gavin Abbassi

    For heroism and skill while serving as Infidel 1 during Operation Twilight Angel. Chief Warrant Officer 2 Gavin Abbassi coordinated fifteen plus airstrikes, many danger close during the course of the operation. Chief Warrant Officer 2 would often accept an exposed position in order to coordinate, identify and laze targets for HOG-1 to engage. Despite close contact he was able to maintain his composure and provide timely information between HOG-1 and Bandit-6. Chief Warrant Officer Two Abbassi's actions bring great credit upon himself and the 7th Cavalry Regiment.

    Distinguished Flying Cross
    Warrant Officer 1 Keegan Hawkes

    For extraordinary skill and heroism while serving as Hog-1 (A-10) during Operation Twlight Angel. Warrant Officer One Keegan Hawkes conducted over 15+ successful 9-lines CAS calls over the entirety of the Operation. WO1.Hawkes engaged and destroyed a variety of enemy forces, including numerous BTR-80, infantry and key enemy infrastructure. Through utilisation of his entire armament load-out, ranging from guns, hyrda, hellfires and GPS/Laser GBUs, WO1.Hawkes was able to decimate every enemy attempt to regroup and counterattack. In one specific 9-lines call, WO1.Hawkes showed great skill in being able to coordinate and conduct a bombing run in a single IP dropping 8 GPS GBUs decimating key enemy infrastructure and emplacements. His skill was vital to the success of the mission and his actions bring great credit upon himself and the 7th Cavalry Regiment.

    Jump Stars

    5th Jump Star
    Sergeant Kyle Gibbs
    Corporal Justin Anderson
    3rd Jump Star

    2nd Jump Star

    1st Jump Star

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  2. Naman.C

    Naman.C B/1-7 Trooper Specialist Active Member

    Well done to all!
  3. Velasquez.J

    Velasquez.J A/2-7 Trooper Corporal Active Member

    Secondary Billets:
    Military Police - Senior Staff
    Congratulations to you all. Well deserved.
  4. Kelly.J

    Kelly.J C/1-7 Trooper Corporal Active Member

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    S7 - Arma 3 SOI Instructor
    Congratulations everyone!
  5. Emerson.D

    Emerson.D SPD Technical staff CW3 Active Member

    Congratulations to everyone.
  6. Medic.S

    Medic.S Reservist Retired Member

    Congrats all
  7. Wisser.C

    Wisser.C C/1-7 Trooper Corporal Active Member

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    S1 - Milpacs Clerk
    Processed S1/Milpacs updated.