May Squad Update

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    The past several months have brought some big changes to Squad and the Cav!

    2nd Platoon, Echo Company Stood Up!

    April 16th was the big day! 2nd Platoon, Echo Company was finally stood up with 3 squads!! Congratulations to Second Lieutenant Hollenshead and Sergeant Zammett who were promoted to Platoon Leader and Platoon Sergeant respectively.

    High Operational Tempo

    Echo Company has been busier than ever in operations. We ran 8 operations in April and 7 in March. We're averaging 2 per week with our Sunday Night Squad Tournament participation and our regular weekly operation. We've gotten some great recognition from the community and streamers for our adherence to tactical, squad-based gameplay.

    Game Updates

    The past several months have brought exciting updates to the game also. The last update - Alpha 11 - brought us:
    • M2A3 Bradley IFC: It holds 7 passengers, along with a driver and gunner. The M2A3 is the most heavily armed vehicle in the game, with a 25mm chaingun, firing armor-piercing sabot and high explosive rounds, as well as a turret-mounted TOW launcher with 2 TOW wire-guided missiles ready to fire. In addition, a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and smoke launchers for creating smokescreens. It is on a 15-minute spawn timer and is worth 37 tickets.

    • Crewman role necessary for crewing the APCs and IFVs in the drivery and gunner seats.

    • AT4 84mm recoilless anti-tank rocket.

    • Deployable TOW missiles.
    Other improvements that have been made this year so far are:

    • Modding support.

    • New maps.

    • Loads of improvements to weapons, optics, armor and more...
    If you are interested in playing Squad with us, please join us on Teamspeak and speak to a Recruiter!
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