Great documentary if you havent seen it yet.

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    In terms of quality I would say its close to Restrepo or Korengal. All in HD:

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    I just finished the last episode yesterday, absolutely amazing.
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    Blocked in my country.... I'm in America wth.

    (Yes I'll use a VPN)
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  5. Will say that this is one of the few war documentaries that actually highlight the struggle that many vets face: its one thing to hear war stories but another to actually see that stuff on video, people not only lose friends but they lose brothers and blame themselves even if its beyond their control. This can be extremley devestating and as a result many of their past relationships become severed, as said in the documentry “everything in civilian life seems trivial”. I have seen vets in the cav and can see why they would be attracted to this sort of community: It can provide a sense of brotherhood that very few places can replicate and can provide a sort of an outlet to release stress. In all I wish there was a way that vets could somehow become aware of communities like this so that a larger section of veterens could be helped with PTSD and other stresses.
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    Thanks for posting! Was not aware of this one watching now.
  7. That's so wild! I watched this one a few weeks ago.

    Definitely worth a watch!
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