Echo Company [SQUAD] November Update

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    Echo Company, 1st Battalion, the 7th Cavalry Regiment plays the Squad game. November saw a number of exciting changes for the Company!

    Echo Company Welcomes a New Company Commander

    Echo Company has a new Company Commander. With the retirement of Captain Wayne Roark after a staggering 9 years of service to the Cav, the former XO, First Lieutenant Bryden Parsons has been promoted to Company Commander! Second Lieutenant Warrick Dracborne has returned and assumed the duties of XO.

    Steam Workshop and Modding Support Added to Squad

    In an exciting and long-awaited development, Squad has added modding and steam workshop support to the game. Echo Company has quickly responded, adding the King of the Hill Pack to our servers with a Cav operation scheduled for 09 December at 0100Z.

    Squad Sale and Free Weekend

    Squad offered a free weekend and the game went on sale on Steam. We had an AMAZING month in November as a result of this, working hard to recruit 19 new members, of which 9 have already graduated boot camp.

    Training and Operations

    The Squad S3 Training and Operations teams are hard at work developing and running courses and operations. The Squad School of Infantry runs the Basic Assault and Maneuver Course (BAMC), Advanced Individual Training Phase 1 and 2 and a communications course aimed specifically at Squad.

    Join Now!

    To join the Cav, fill out an Enlistment Application. If you have any questions about the Cav and how we play Squad, please feel free to contact @Parsons.B directly.
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    Great news guys! Keep it up Parsons. Proud.
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