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Discharged without chance to appeal

Discussion in 'Issues with the 7th Cavalry' started by Rogers.G, Dec 18, 2018.

  1. Rogers.G

    Rogers.G Private Discharged

    I was recently discharged from the 7th Cavalry without a chance to appeal the issue or even communicate with anyone. I requested a LOA on 10/11 December as I had exams and would be visiting family for the holidays. Later that day (11 December), I received a message saying that there was an S2 Hold on my account and that I had to reply by 18 December or I would be discharged. I responded to the message on 12 December stating that I was at college and wouldn't be home until next Monday (17 December) as it was the end of the semester and I had final exams. I asked if the matter could be resolved through PMs as I had no way of talking on my laptop at college. I also stated that I would be available Tuesday to Friday (18 December-21 December) and that afterwards, I would be leaving to visit family for the holidays. No one responded to my message or attempted to reach out to me. I am currently available to discuss the situation in TS3 from now until Friday (21 December).
  2. Grgich.A

    Grgich.A Major General Retired Member

    PM sent / Completed.
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