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    Dear friends,

    as many of you are aware, we lost another brother on May 1st, 2018 to illness. Colonel Anthony 'Raven' Aviles was one of our early and long-standing members. He served continuously from February 13, 2009 until retirement from his position as Battalion Commander, 2nd Battalion, the 7th Cavalry Regiment on July 10th, 2014.

    Raven had a significant impact on many people's lives and met up in real life with other Cav members. For those who are still around that knew him, please use this thread to share your memories of times with him or stories if you wish so we can all know him better.

    Here is a video that MSG.Black created of our Arma in-game cenotaph that is going into our TAC 1 and 2 servers to help us remember our fallen brothers and sisters. For those of you that are new, please see the Arlington National Cemetery section of MILPACS.

    Lastly, remember that we will always be here for you, no matter what happens.
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    Tony had the greatest sense of humor of anyone I ever knew (even greater than my buddy Ronnie "ColdBlud" Bussey). Back in the days of 2nd Battalion we'd all sit in channel wherever playing Call of Duty games, or even just shooting the bull. Tony liked to drink Mt. Dew Code Red. He and I used to joke about Code Red, because before I started losing all of my weight, he and I both would be drinking them while chatting people up in TS3.

    He would chew me out often, as a joke, and we enjoyed joking with each other. He also had a heart of gold. He cared about this place and making it better. He was the first person to ever open 3 platoons in old B/2-7. After he retired, I had a trooper in CS:GO who lived near Tony. I reached out to Tony and got he and my trooper connected because he was struggling, and couldn't find a job and such. Tony got in contact with him, even though he wasn't a member any longer. That's the thing about Tony, he would give you his right arm to help you out, even if he really didn't have the means to do so.

    I have missed the good times, talking it up and shooting the bull in channel. He is someone I called friend, and still do. In my 9 years in the Cav, I have met some very good people. Tony was one of the good ones. Forever onward my brother. Rest in Peace.

    Once a brother, always a brother,

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  3. I took this screen shot the moment COL. Raven (then RCT. Raven), was accepted as a Brother of the 7th Cavalry by CMDR. Krazy himself. (Please, don't quote me on Krazy's rank at that time. I forgot, it's been a while.) I took this screen shot and was proud to have served with these two awesome human beings in the Cav, as well as had the pleasure of befriending Tony in real life. Tony was a much deeper and complicated soul than most knew. He had a big heart full of laughter, mischief, loyalty and friendship. I along with MJR. Pain, brought Tony into the Cav and I was present for his bootcamp and induction. I was happy for him, not only because he was trusting me for getting him into something I believed in and had fun doing but because he found purpose. He found friendships and a brotherhood that will last for eternity. We aren't measured by the things we obtain in life but more, the lives we touch. I think Tony is in a much better place because of it too. Blaze the trail for us brother, we will meet you in the halls of Valhalla. Oh and save some wings for me this time will ya? :) Love you brother, miss you more than you could have ever dreamed I would. God Bless. Nick, RET. SGT. SC20

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    Tony has always been around, since my early days in June 2009 in Bravo 2-7. He's been one of the first people to welcome me to the Brotherhood and participate as cadre and speak to me on my COD4 Boot Camp. Always helpful and friendly and so very much committed to this place. Keen to laugh, just as well at his own expense. Can't forget his love of cornbread we always teased him about :D

    It really touched me to see this memorial monument being visible "in real server life" for all who visit our ARMA servers. Thank you for doing this and honoring our dear departed friends.

    My salute! o7
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    Very, Very Touching, Well Done and May they Never Be Forgotten!! These Men Went ALL THE WAY!!!

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    When I first bumped into Tony he scared the living crap out of me, not just his Sig on his messages but his straight talking no nonsense take no crap attitude. But when you got to know him, talk to him and understand him you soon realized he was a warm, cuddly big guy with a huge heart and a love for life, Tony was one in a million.
    Some of the stuff he sent me on FB was enough to make your hair curl... what I'd give to have another one of his crazy messages with a stupid GIF attached.

    My thoughts and prayers go to his family, may they find strength in knowing just how loved he was was so many.
    I miss you big guy, rest easy my friend, my brother... Choo Choo

    Free from pain and the chains of illness, fly high with angles wings my friend

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    I lead a section along with Raven in B/2-7 and would frequently host squad practices along with his team in CoD4 since our practice time would match up a lot. Every day I would log on to Teamspeak and Raven would come down into my section channel and ask me if I was going to shoot up my classmates at school the following day. He did this for months and never apologized. I'm sure his intentions were good. Here is an old photo he sent me years ago at, I think, his nephews birthday party.

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