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COS Aides, What are they?

Discussion in 'Hotline bulletin board' started by Burgundy.C, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. Burgundy.C

    Burgundy.C Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Active Member

    this question keeps coming up, so I'll give a brief overview.

    Currently there are two COS Aides
    Corporal Ticknor and Specialist Collins(Thumper transferred back into a line billet a few days ago and Collins was brought on to replace him).

    Their ongoing role is that of information gathering, each one of them is assigned a section of the cav to monitor on a monthly basis and provide myself with statistics and deeper status reports on the situation in them. This is so that in my role as COS I can accurately gauge the health of the regiment and identify specific problem areas that need extra attention.

    Stemming from the information gathering I often have additional tasks that are doled out.

    Some are rolling tasks such as continuous monitoring of upcoming games for potential growth.

    Some are semi-permanent assignments such as Ticknor's posting as the acting sgm of 2nd bat.

    And others are one off assignments, these usually stem from their information gathering, where a problem is identified and I will usually have them interface with relevant command to identify a solution and a plan to solve it.

    as always, I am happy to answer any further questions or explain other matters
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