[Class] [Arma 3] [TAS] Jumpmaster Course [JMC] 14NOV19 2000Z

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    The Airborne School

    The Airborne School is proud to announce we will be conducting the Jumpmaster Course for up to 8 highly motivated individuals. The JMC is focused on the procedures of loading and unloading airborne infantryman into the C-130 at base and exiting the aircraft over the DZ. The class is approximately 120 minutes (2 hours) long. There is a classroom portion followed by a practical portion where you will act as the Jumpmaster of a Stick.

    Troopers Will Learn

    • Theory, including capabilities, terminology, safety around the aircraft and commands
    • Characteristics, selection and marking of drop zones
    • Loading the aircraft and preparation for a static-line jump
    • Conducting the static-line jump over the DZ

    Student Prerequisites

    • Graduated Basic Land Navigation [BLN]
    • Graduated Basic Individual Training [BIT]
    • Graduated Basic Radio Communication Course [BRCC]
    • Graduated Advanced Individual Training [AIT]
    • Graduated Basic Leader Course [BLC]
    • Graduated Basic Airborne Course [BAC]
    • No active negative action
    • Pen and paper
    • ArmA 3 installed with the CavPack installed and working

    Career Pathway

    • Prerequisite for Military Freefall Parachutist Couse [MFFPC]
    • Awards the Senior Parachutist Badge
    • Leads to the Ranger Tab
    • Arma 3 Career Pathway



    • Minimum of 2 students
    • Maximum of 4 students
    • 11B paratroopers given priority slotting by rank
    • If you sign up for a class and are unable to attend, please reply in this post letting us know ahead of time so we can give someone else your slot.
    • Consult the S3 Training & Operations Calendar for guidance.



    Please respond with: I would like to attend, RNK.LAST.F, BILLET (MOS)
    Example: I would like to attend, PVT.John.D, 1/2/C/1-7 (11B)

    Submitted by - Mackey.A
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    Secondary Billets:
    S3 - Arma 3 Operations Staff
    I would like to attend, SPC.MacMillan.M, 1/2/C/1-7 SL (11B)
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    I would like to attend, SPC.Black.A, 2/1/C/1-7 (11B)