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[Class] [Arma 3] [SOI] Basic Radio Communication Course [BRCC] 23APR19 0100Z

Discussion in 'Class Announcements' started by IMO.Bot, Apr 17, 2019 at 1:10 PM.

  1. IMO.Bot

    IMO.Bot Posting Bot 7Cav Bots Active Member


    School of Infantry

    The School of Infantry is proud to announce we will be conducting the Basic Radio Communications Course for highly motivated individuals. BRCC is focused on the basics of sending and receiving radio transmissions and using the ACRE 2 short and long range radios. The class is approximately 120 minutes (2 hours) long. There is a classroom portion followed by practices and practical exercise.

    Troopers Will Learn

    • Prowords
    • Radio Reports
    • ACRE 2 Setup & Troubleshooting
    • Setup and operation of short and long range radios
    • Troubleshooting communications

    Student Prerequisites

    • Completion of Basic Individual Training [BIT] and Basic Land Navigation [BLN]
    • No active negative action
    • Pen and paper
    • ArmA 3 installed with the mod pack installed and working
    • CavPack


    • Minimum of 1 student and a maximum of 12 students - 4 per instructor.
    • If you sign up for a class and are unable to attend, please reply in this post letting us know ahead of time so we can give someone else your slot.



    Please respond with: I would like to attend, RNK.LAST.F, BILLET (MOS)
    Example: I would like to attend, PVT.John.D, 1/2/C/1-7 (11B)

    Submitted by - Seaman.B
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  2. Mercer.B

    Mercer.B A/1-7 Trooper Private Active Member

    I would like to attend, PVT.Mercer.B, A/1/A/1-7 (15P)