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    School of Infantry

    The School of Infantry if proud to announce we will be conducting the Basic Individual Training course for up to 8 highly motivated individuals. Basic Individual Training is focused on the skills and knowledge required to function as a soldier within a Fire Team and Squad in an operational or training environment. The class is 150 minutes (2 1/2 hours) long. There is a short classroom portion, practical instruction and live fire exercises at the fire team level. This course along with Basic Land Navigation are prerequisites for all other courses in Arma.

    Troopers will learn

    • Infantry Squad and Fire Team Organization
    • Individual Movement Techniques
    • Fire Team formations
    • Action at Halts
    • Battle Buddies
    • Reacting to Fire Commands
    • React to Contact (Direct/Visual)

    Student Prerequisites

    • No active negative action
    • Pen and paper
    • ArmA 3 installed with the CavPack installed and working

    Career Pathway


    • Minimum of 2 students
    • Maximum of 4 students per instructor up to 8 students
    • Priority given to troopers newly graduated from RTC
    • If you sign up for a class and are unable to attend, please reply in this post letting us know ahead of time so we can give someone else your slot.
    • Consult the S3 Training & Operations Calendar for guidance.



    Please respond with: I would like to attend, RNK.LAST.F, BILLET (MOS)
    Example: I would like to attend, PVT.John.D, 1/2/C/1-7 (11B)

    Submitted by - Bonder.L
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    I would like to attend, PFC. Andrianatos.A, 1/2/B/1-7 (19D)
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    Secondary Billets:
    S3 - Arma 3 SOI Instructor, RTC - Senior Drill Instructor

    I'm cancelling the class, sorry mate, you'll get a priority to the next BIT class you wish to attend.
  4. Andrianatos.A

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    NP Sergeant, thank for the notificasion.