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[Class] [Arma 3] [ACE] Forward Air Controller Course [FACC] 15DEC19 1700Z

Discussion in 'Class Announcements' started by IMO.Bot, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. IMO.Bot

    IMO.Bot Posting Bot 7Cav Bots Active Member

    Aviation Center of Excellence

    The Aviation Center of Excellence is proud to announce that we will be conducting the Forward Air Controller Course for up to 8 highly motivated individuals. This course is focused on the basics of how to plan and execute close air support (CAS) as a Forward Air Controller (FAC) in field operations.

    Troopers Will Learn

    • FAC Equipment
    • Air Space Management
    • FAC basic SOP’s
    • Directing CAS

    Student Prerequisites

    • Army Aviator Badge or
    • Aircrew Badge or
    • Cavalry Spurs or
    • Ranger Tab
    • No active negative action
    • Pen and paper
    • ArmA 3 installed with the mod pack installed and working
    • CavPack


    • Minimum of 2 students
    • Maximum of 3 students per instructor up to 6 students
    • If you sign up for a class and are unable to attend, please reply in this post letting us know ahead of time so we can give someone else your slot
    • Consult the S3 Training & Operations Calendar for guidance
    • Please fill out this Forum if you are searching for a better time slot for this class



    Please respond with: I would like to attend, RNK.LAST.F, BILLET (MOS)
    Example: I would like to attend, PVT.John.D, 1/2/B/1-7 (153A)

    Submitted by - Windeck.S
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  2. Dev.D

    Dev.D A/2-7 Platoon Staff Sergeant Active Member

    Secondary Billets:
    S2 - Investigator, S6 - Game Clerk
    I would like to attend, SPC.Dev.D, A/2/B/1-7 (19D)
  3. Skeith.J

    Skeith.J A/1-7 Section Leader CW2 Active Member

    Secondary Billets:
    S3 - Arma 3 Pub Operations Staff
    I would like to attend, CW2.Skeith.J, B/2/A/1-7 (153A)