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    2018 Charlie Company State of Affairs

    Charlie Company is the Airborne/Air Assault Company of 1st Battalion, the 7th Cavalry Regiment. We play Arma 3. 2017 was a very solid year for Charlie Company. In the first part of the year we had 8 squads in 3 platoons and had an average strength of 75. In the second part of the year we had 10 squads in 3 platoons and had an average strength of 87. We ended the year with a strength of 90 troopers, NCO's and officers.

    In 2017, our company was the first to adopt the Company FTX as operation concept and we ran a Pride of Charlie competition, another innovation for an Arma company. We re-wrote the MOS for our 3rd platoon, the 11 Charlies.

    So, we had a great year last year, and we have absolutely no doubt we will have a significantly better year in 2018. The Cav is full of some of the most committed, professional and fun players in gaming.

    TLDR; Thank you to all personnel who helped us have a great year! (Couldn't have done it without ya Alpha Co!). Charlie rocks and it's gonna get even better. Read further for the details.​


    We've begun the year by taking a survey of the company. 73 members responded. There were no big surprises, but it will help us focus our efforts in this new year. Here are the results of the survey. 5 is very good, 1 not very good.

    We also asked people to add any specific comments or feedback if they wished. I'm not going to post all the comments verbatim, but here is a distilled list of the points made in no particular order:

    Squad Practices:
    • some people present theory in a flat, uninterested way making it hard to get into it.
    • training objectives sometimes are aimed at the most experienced 10% of the squad and not suitable for newer members.
    • practices don't start on time and fundamental checks such as being ready with radios set, colored up and gear checks aren't done on time. Then the practice runs long or is abandoned at the 1 hour mark.
    • cover basic battle drills more, TvT less. It doesn't help us learn our drills.
    • practices not being planned out ahead of time makes them feel disorganized and they don't go well.

    Company Operations/FTX:
    • more.
    • more combat jumps.
    • more on Sundays.
    • more frames.

    Training Plans:
    • less rigid, more flexible.
    • lacking or random.

    • not all company staff are well-known.

    2018 Goals

    In response to the feedback above and in line with our vision for the Company, here is a list of our goals for 2018:

    • Euro Platoon: We will develop a Euro Platoon with at least 3 squads.
    • Add Platoon: We will open another platoon.
    • Expand 11C: We will open at least one more squad in 3rd Platoon.

    Better Training Plans:
    • Company and Platoon Training Plans will be more flexible, allowing squads to adapt to changing membership.
    • Training plans will mirror campaign schedule, allowing us to train on tasks we will encounter in operations.

    Improved FTX's:
    • Company will run a Company Operation every second month on Sundays.
    • Platoons will run Platoon FTX's every second month on Sundays, alternating with Company Operations.
    • Company Operations will alternate between air assault and airborne.
    • There is now a hard deadline of 1 week prior to any FTX for mission briefing documents to be published. MAJ.Aizen will be responsible to ensure this happens and provide accountability.
    • We will add immersive elements to FTXs and allow for the inclusion of player OPFOR or civilian elements.

    Improved Squad Practices:
    • Company and Platoon staff will attend more SPs and provide feedback for improvement.
    • Squad leaders will ensure they prepare their practices ahead of time to provide a better experience.
    • At all levels, we will hold each other accountable for being in the server, and ready to go at practice start time. 1SG.Schoenhoff will be responsible for ensuring this happens.
    • Platoon staff and Squad Leaders will ensure that every practice covers at least one battle drill.

    Targeted Recruitment:
    • We will announce 3 targeted recruitment drives that focus on a specific server and at a specific time designed to maximize our result.
    • We will re-post the 11C recruiting posts in conjunction with the above recruitment drives.
    • We will formalize and complete the 11C as Sapper in the first 6 months of the year.

    Increased Retention:
    • 1SG.Schoenhoff responsible for monitoring and ensuring Trooper of the Month is awarded every month, on time.
    • Pride of Charlie will be run again, with a different and improved format.
    • Company and platoon staff will continue to be open to feedback and pass it up the chain so we can continuously improve.
    • 1LT.Argus will be responsible to ensure that 1 fun event will be run on off-hours during each month. i.e. MRZR racing etc.
    • Succeed at our growth goals to allow for upwards movement in the ranks.
    • Increased accountability for leaders. The Company Staff will ensure that leadership at all levels in the company is held accountable for the state of their squad or platoon.
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    • Expand 11C: We will open at least one more squad in 3rd Platoon.
    • We will re-post the 11C recruiting posts in conjunction with the above recruitment drives.
    • We will formalize and complete the 11C as Sapper in the first 6 months of the year.
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    All of this is the best. Motivated to help in any way I can. Thanks company and platoon staff!
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    Charlie Company has been my home for as long as I can remember, and since I've returned, it's the best it has ever been. This post motivates me and excites me for the future.

    Charlie Company has some of the best leadership I've ever seen in the Cavalry. My chain of command, from my squad leader to my company leader, has never been more effective, approachable, and easy to find.

    I will continue to do my very best to promote Charlie Company, and to assist in the continual and noticeable improvement as we move into 2018.

    As a good friend of mine would say. "All the way!"

    To the squad leaders, platoon staff and company staff -- a sincere thank you, for everything you do.
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    Love this; can’t wait to see what 2018 brings for C Co!
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    I'm very happy and fortunate to be in a company that is proactive, solution based, training focused.

    Thank you to the dedicated troopers, FTLs, SLs, Platoon and Company staff that makes Charlie the place it is today. A place to grow, a place to advance, a place to enjoy.
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    Since we drafted this we also broke 100 in strength, hell ya!

    So proud of all in the Company
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    Glad to be a part of this. Looking forward to it all!
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    This is Outstanding News very well prepared and should be a Very Good Motivator!!! I must say it ALMOST makes me want to transfer, ALMOST ;)

    ALL OF YOU ARE GREAT TO WORK WITH and I TAKE GREAT PRIDE in my job to assist Y'all!! If you Call I shall come!! Keep it up, Love you All, even those I haven't met and am filled with pride!!! ALL THE WAY!!

    You're Papa Bear, Law!!
    B/1/A - 1-7

    Thank You Tuck!! <3
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    Looking Good Gentlemen, hope this expands to cover the other Company's as well
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    SITS ON .50 CAL

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    "We will open a new squad in 3/C/1-7"
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    Door is always open bud ..... But you as a door gunner as well ...... I feel bad for the enemy lol :D
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    Do I smell the return of the Orphan Crippler? @Schulman.R
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    I don’t get where that comes from... In the last 6 months (to the best of my knowledge) within the cav the only official TvT done has been; 1 x TvT SP during furlough, 1 x TvT Public OP and 1 x Friday Night Fight.