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CBA and New DLC Issues on Tac. 2

Discussion in 'Public Suggestion Box' started by Wolfman.C, May 2, 2019.

  1. Wolfman.C

    Wolfman.C B/1-7 Platoon Staff Staff Sergeant Active Member

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    S3 - Arma 3 Pub Operations Staff
    Good evening, I’ve been reviewing additional issues with the Tac. 2 mission file. I’d like to let you guys know that the additions I have seen so far have been awesome. 10/10. However, many of the issue I’m about to mention are less than a week old, so I understand no one has had time to address them. This is an FYI post for you guys to know what’s going on with Tac.2 and can hopefully address these issues quickly before it greatly affects server population.

    ·Problem: Damage models for enemies have changed, and they are going unconscious instead of dying. This type of model use to be on the server before and is more distracting than engaging.

    ·Response: Either make it where AI go unconscious even less often, or roll back to previous damage model

    ·Problem: The Damage models for players has been changed, and results in players being instantly killed when shot instead of becoming injured.

    ·Response: Roll back to previous damage model. There was nothing wrong with it before.

    ·Problem: With the update to CBA, the stamina model has changed, and is causing issues with practical aiming for players.

    ·Response: If needed, do away with stamina in the short term and find or create model that is better suited to practical use and implement it later when it is ready. The previous model was perfect.

    (NOTE: It is almost like the damage model for players and AI have been switched.)

    Following are ACE medical values pre and post 01MAY19 1500Z (When CBA reset values)

    Player Damage: from 1.2 to 1

    AI Damage: from .8 to 1

    AI Unconscious 0%-50%

    Shift+~ ACE pointing- disabled

    Can’t ACE int. with chairs to sit down

    Received complaints about night vision fog issues

    (Please reset ACE settings)

    ·Problem: The mortars are still pin-point accurate and are still squad wiping players in droves. As I said before the damage radius is ~100m. This means that the first-round accuracy MUST be 200m-250m to have a less than 50% chance of being hit by the first round.

    ·Problem: Arma 3 Global Mobilization DLC has been released. As it is an optional DLC, players who have not payed for the content cannot see it.

    ·Response: I know of no obvious solution to this issue, and I would like to meet to discuss it. However, I DO NOT recommend blacklisting any of the assets in the DLC as this would cause server issues that far exceed the problem as we have seen before.

    ·Problem: (This is the smallest issue on my list) AI are still doing the aim-bot seizure thing and wrecking players from 0-200m sporadically. I’ve spoken to JB about this issue awhile ago and said that he noticed this but doesn’t know what causes it.

    ·Response: Again, I have no solution to this issue. I just wanted it on the table for discussion.

    Guys, before you respond to this please understand that these are issues that are currently affecting server population. Before whatever caused this (CBA, GM DLC, etc.) we have been having some of the highest server population lately than we’ve had in a long time. If the best way to solve most of these is to roll everything back to what it was 2 weeks ago then I’m game because the file has been awesome so far. Thank you for your time.
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  2. Wolfman.C

    Wolfman.C B/1-7 Platoon Staff Staff Sergeant Active Member

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    S3 - Arma 3 Pub Operations Staff
  3. Cosme.O

    Cosme.O A/1-7 Platoon Staff 2nd Lieutenant Active Member

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    S7 - Arma 3 ACE Instructor, S3 - Arma 3 Pub Operations Lead
    Since the CBA update, a lot of the server parameters have changed. Server population has been on the rise since the latest mission file release. Battlemetrics can certainly confirm this. And I think with these unfortunate changes, we may begin to lose some players.
  4. Wolfman.C

    Wolfman.C B/1-7 Platoon Staff Staff Sergeant Active Member

    Secondary Billets:
    S3 - Arma 3 Pub Operations Staff
    I don't think these changes are intentional. It seems like the CBA update reset the default ACE values. For now, I've let people know that the issue is being addressed. I've also started Zeusing some more, but I will not be online almost at allthis weekend due to a work function. So if anyone can step it up with a few extra zeus operations to distract people from the issues during peak population (on the weekend) that would be great.
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  5. Geki.T

    Geki.T C/1-7 Section Leader Staff Sergeant Active Member

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    S7 - Arma 3 SOI Instructor, S7 - Arma 3 ACE Instructor, S5 - Livestream Lead, S3 - Arma 3 Operations Staff, S3 - Arma 3 Scripting Staff, S3 - Arma 3 Pub Operations Staff, S7 - Arma 3 TAS Instructor, S3 - Arma 3 Developer Staff, S5 - Arma Public Relations
    I'll go in and take a look at the server parameters. Again. Gotta love updates throwing everything off balance.
    While we're at it, double check the night vision and make sure it's not ridiculous normal values and is our actual values we use
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  6. Bojan


    Sounds like most of the new issues are related to CBA settings being reset with the latest update. Presumably changing those settings back to what they were before will remedy this. Unfortunately I'm out for the weekend after getting wisdom teeth pulled, but if things don't get fixed by changing settings let me know and I'll take a look.

    As far as the mortar accuracy, I'll decrease that further next update. I'm not sure how the DLC assets will work, but I don't think we'll be including them.
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  7. Amante.L

    Amante.L Reservist Discharged

    Seen. Can't believe I missed this post. Sry for the delay. I know it's Tuesday morning now, any updates on this situation?