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Bravo Troop Wants You!

Discussion in 'Public Announcements' started by Nexhex.A, Jan 29, 2020.

  1. Nexhex.A

    Nexhex.A 1-7 Sergeant Major Sergeant Major Active Member

    Secondary Billets:
    S2 - NCO In Charge, S7 - Arma 3 SOI Instructor, S7 - NCOA Lead

    Bravo Troop, 1st Battalion

    Bravo Troop, Best Troop!

    Our Mission
    Bravo Troop will always find, fix, and destroy the enemy through direct and indirect combat operations; as well as provide combat scouting and combat service support abilities as part of a larger coordinated operational structure. Primarily, our mission statement relies upon the sum of our pieces!​

    Bravo Troop is comprised of three platoons:

    1st Platoon

    19K - Armor Platoon



    Become an expert on the M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank as well as other armored vehicles dedicated to providing long-range eyes and heavy firepower! By joining 1st Platoon, learn to be an armor crewman and push yourself to command tanks and Infantry Fighting Vehicles with the best! Master Gunners utilize our iron and steel to the maximum potential.

    2nd Platoon

    19D - Cavalry Scout Platoon


    Our Cavalry Scouts are cross-trained as a specialist in the art of reconnaissance, mechanized infantry tactics, and all mechanized crewman roles of the M2A3 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle! Learn to scout, conduct mechanized operations, and earn your Cavalry Spurs!

    3rd Platoon

    68W - Support Infantry Platoon


    3rd Platoon specializes as combat medics that also perform logistical operator duties making them an extremely important support platoon. They are the backbone of our operational ability, and rely upon each other to perform critical combat resupply, medical treatment, and CASEVAC tasks. Earn your Flight Medic Badge and become the best in medical and combat support!​

    If this interests you, please contact a member with [Recruiter] after their name in our Teamspeak 3 server, find us on our Discord server, or simply fill out an application and become the best by joining the best!

    TeamSpeak 3 Server:
    PW: 7thCavalry

    Discord Server:
    Bravo Troop Discord Server:
  2. Lamb.J

    Lamb.J B/1-7 Section Leader Staff Sergeant Active Member

    Finally...…...a respectable MOS
  3. Bonder.L

    Bonder.L B/1-7 Trooper Corporal Active Member

    Secondary Billets:
    S7 - Arma 3 SOI Instructor, RTC - Senior Drill Instructor, S7 - Arma 3 TAS Instructor
    In Third Platoon, we offer candies.

    The other two pleb platoons don't have that kind of privilege. kappa

    JK, Bravo Troop, best Troop
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  4. Lamb.J

    Lamb.J B/1-7 Section Leader Staff Sergeant Active Member

    Damn straight!! Bravo troop will always be Best troop
  5. Frazier.EW

    Frazier.EW Corporal Discharged

    Bravo Troop, Best Troop!
  6. Naman.C

    Naman.C B/1-7 ASL Specialist Active Member

    We need to have more aero chocolate bars, I ate the last batch in a day. XD
    Bravo Troop, Best Troop!;)
  7. Lombardi.M

    Lombardi.M Aide to the Chief of Staff Captain Active Member

    B co Best Co
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