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    Troop Commander's Update

    Bravo Troop is the Cavalry Troop of 1st Battalion, the 7th Cavalry Regiment. We play Arma 3. At the beginning of the year, the Troop had 74 all ranks. As of the end of March, we were at 69 all ranks. As most of us are aware, March through May are a slower time for us so the focus is on keeping the lights on and working on training and doctrine.

    Our Armor Platoon (Sabre) is having a great year so far! The platoon, which uses the M1A2 TUSK II, experienced some great growth and currently has two over-staffed sections/wings and is ripe for some expansion. The Sabres have always taken their job seriously and their training level is at an all-time high and they have a phenomenally low turnover rate. Undoubtedly one of the best in the entire Regiment. Our First Sergeant, 1SG.Ryan developed this excellent Armor Handbook to complement our training courses.

    Our Bradley Platoon (Viking) is also having a good start to the year. Last year, the Basic Mechanized Infantry and Basic Mechanized Crewman courses were rolled out. Viking has been restructured to reflect changes in doctrine and the realities of Arma and this has resulted in our basic courses being updated. They have also rolled out the new Cavalry Crewman (11B) MOS. These people are going to be our specialists at dealing out death and destruction from the M2A3 BUSK. There is a massive amount of work and engagement going on in the platoon and I am sure they will be ready for the influx of new troopers coming soon.

    Our Stryker Platoon (Punisher) is eagerly awaiting the delivery of new Strykers that are rumored to be on their way soon™ from RHS. In the meantime they are busy digging into infantry training and sanding the rust off their old Strykers. They've struggled a bit keeping numbers, but I have no doubt that with the current leadership in the platoon they will turn that situation around.

    In the short time I've been back with the Troop, I've been to some really quality section practices, the administrative situation is excellent and the leadership is seriously engaged with their platoons and sections/squads. On that note, when I returned to the Troop we conducted a survey of our troopers to understand which areas we could focus on to improve.​


    We've begun the year by taking a survey of the Troop. 47 troopers responded out of a possible 69. Overall, I don't think there were any surprises, but the great feedback we received is going to help us make serious improvements in the remainder of the year. Here are the responses to the general satisfaction questions:

    We also asked people to add any specific comments or feedback if they wished. I'm not going to post all the comments verbatim, but here is a distilled list of the points made in no particular order:

    Squad Practices:
    • feel more like a chore, too much time in manuals.
    • too dry.
    • combined SPs to get more experience operating in multi-squad or platoon level.
    • practices not being planned out ahead of time makes them feel disorganized and they don't go well.

    Troop Operations/FTX:
    • better organized.
    • more fun.
    • start on time.


    • Not all Troop staff are well-known or appear to be engaged with the Troop.
    • Medals are not awarded in a timely manner.
    • Tank Commanders / Bradley Commanders should be Squad Leaders in terms of rank.
    • ASL as a billet.
    • More tank and mechanized operations.
    • More events (training/ops) at US evening times.
    • Unhappy with the current Strykers.

    2018 Goals

    In response to the feedback above and in line with our vision for the Troop, here is a list of our goals for 2018:

    • Add Platoon: We will open another armor platoon.
    • Add Crews: We will expand to 4 Bradley Crews in 2nd Platoon.
    • Expand 3rd Platoon: We will open at least one more squad in 3rd Platoon.

    Better Training Plans:
    • Troop and Platoon Training Plans will be more flexible, allowing squads to adapt to changing membership.
    • Training plans will be aimed at the goal of the Platoon FTX and the Troop Operation which will run on alternating months.

    Improved FTX's:
    • Troop will run a Troop Operation every second month on Sundays.
    • Platoons will run Platoon FTX's every second month on Sundays, alternating with Troop Operations.
    • Troop Operations will be run as an operation with postings, proper opords/briefing documents, AARs, medals and will start on time.
    • We will add immersive elements to FTXs and allow for the inclusion of player OPFOR or civilian elements.

    Improved Squad Practices:
    • Troop and Platoon staff will attend more SPs and provide feedback for improvement. All Troop and Platoon staff are required to attend at least one SP per week.
    • Squad leaders will ensure they prepare their practices ahead of time to provide a better experience.
    • At all levels, we will hold each other accountable for being in the server, and ready to go at practice start time.
    • Troop, Platoon staff and Squad Leaders will ensure that every practice covers at least one battle drill.

    Targeted Recruitment:
    • We will announce 3 targeted recruitment drives that focus on a specific server and at a specific time designed to maximize our result.
    • We will hold a Troop recruiting contest with the winners receiving a special gift in the mail.
    • We will post recruiting posts on the front page of the site in conjunction with the above recruitment drives.

    Increased Retention:
    • 1SG.Ryan is responsible for monitoring and ensuring Trooper of the Month is awarded every month, on time.
    • Pride of Bravo; a best squad competition, will be run in June.
    • Troop and platoon staff will continue to be open to feedback and pass it up the chain so we can continuously improve.
    • Succeed at our growth goals to allow for upwards movement in the ranks.
    • Increased accountability for leaders. The Troop Staff will ensure that leadership at all levels in the Troop is held accountable for the state of their squad or platoon.

    Our Vision

    We want our troopers to be happy and proud to be a part of the Cav and Bravo Troop. We will do our utmost every day to continue to make this a place you want to be. We will listen to your ideas and suggestions with respect and will make and execute decisions in a timely and competent manner.

    The better our SPs, training classes and FTX's are, the better operations will go. We will get the training materials you need completed and implemented. On that note, here's some exciting stuff regarding training:
    • The Armor School has been renamed to The Cavalry School.
    • Basic Mechanized Infantry Course has been revised.
    • Basic Mechanized Crewman Course is being revised, will be complete NLT 22 April.
    • Advanced Armor Crewman Course is almost finished, complete NLT end of April.
    • Tank Commander's Course is far along, complete by mid-May.
    • Bradley Commander's Course is far along, complete by mid-May.
    • Advanced Mechanized Infantry Course is almost finished, complete NLT end of April.
    • Armored Reconnaissance Course will be complete NLT end of April.
    All of this is aimed at 2 specific objectives:
    1. We are creating the Master Gunner program for the 19K MOS. Troopers who have completed the complete 19K list of courses will be eligible to participate in a bi-annual cqualification test where successful completion will award the Master Gunner Badge.
    2. We are bringing back Cav Scouts to Bravo Troop. Not as a billet, but as a qualification. Troopers who have completed the list of courses such as reconnaissance, Forward Air Controller and the mechanized infantry course will be able to participate in their own bi-annual qualification test where successful completion will award the gold spurs.
    I am very excited for what the balance of this year will bring. Please feel free to drop in and chat in the staff office any time you please.


    Troop Commander
    Bravo Troop - The Cavalry Troop
    'Keep Calm and Cav On!'
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    I've Never Been a Treadhead and You ALMOST Got Me!!! This is Awesome and All I can Say Is Great Job Bravo!!
    On The Way Bravo, Attack!!

    With Respect!
    All The Way!
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