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    Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, the 7th Cavalry Regiment is the armored fist of the Battalion. It combines a platoon of M1A2 Abrams main battle tanks with 2 platoons of mechanized infantry combining devastating firepower with superior battlefield mobility.

    Bravo Company Welcomes a New Company Commander

    Bravo Company has a new Company Commander. With the retirement of Major Nate Thumper, the former XO, Captain Dammond Richards has been promoted to Company Commander!

    The Armor School

    The Armor School, commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Stefan Baeder has recently rolled out two new training courses aimed at getting troopers new to Bravo Company trained up on the skills, knowledge and procedures necessary to function as a trooper in a mechanized infantry squad. The Basic Mechanized Infantryman Course (BMIC) trains soldiers how to work around mechanized vehicles in combat and the Basic Mechanized Crewman Course (BMCC) instructs troopers on the crew duties of the M2 Bradley.

    Cav members sign up for the next scheduled course!

    [Class] [Arma 3] TAS Basic Armor Crewman Course [BACC] 15OCT17 2100Z
    [Class] [Arma 3] SOA Basic Mechanized Infantry Course [BMIC] 22OCT17 1900Z
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