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Discussion in 'Public Announcements' started by Argus.J, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. Argus.J

    Argus.J Command Sergeant Major CSM Active Member

    Secondary Billets:
    WAG Administrator, S3 - Arma 3 SOI Instructor, S3 - Arma 3 TCS Instructor, S5 - Public Relations, S1 - Operational NCO In Charge, Regimental Recruiting - AO Recruitment Lead, Regimental Recruiting - Processing Clerk

    Saturday 1st September 2018, 2000z


    The 1st Battalion of the 7th Cavalry, comprising all active gaming Companies, will be deploying on a Battalion Level Operation in order to develop our Joint Force Integration and to apply our Battalion level Command Structure.

    This is intended to be the start of a new annual tradition for the 7th Cavalry. Operations are normally run on a Platoon basis with attachments at most, with Company Operations run every few Months, resulting in anywhere from 20 to 60 slots. A Battalion Operation will comprise the primary elements of all Companies and designed to cater for up to 120 Players.

    Some details have been redacted - Enlist today to view and join the Operation!



    In 2018, under increasing international pressure after 10 years of civil strife, the abdication of the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, sparks outrage as his final act is to ceed control of the country to Russia. This begins the creation of a new identity for seperatist nationalities across multiple Baltic states under the banner of "Union of the Russian States" (URS) - Reference "Image 1A".

    Under the pretence of liberating and defending seperatist nationals Russian forces begin to Annex states south of their borders. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are slowly incorportaed by process of military attrition, political intrigue and extortion over the next decade.

    The international communitie's attempts to levy trade embargos and sanctions against the newly formed "URS" has little effect. Their strong political ties and subsequent proximity, following the annexation of neighbouring countries, with China and Iran mean that a micro economy has developed trading weapons, resources and technology, all helped along by nationalist migration.

    NATO has been forced to watch impotently as Russian passive aggressive tactics gain them ground and valuable military outposts surrounding the Middle East. NATO has however bolstered its presence immensly throughout this area in anticipation of, and as a deterent towards, further Russian aggression beyond its new "URS" Borders.
    Sent 08/08/2028
    From Division HQ,
    Support Department 3.

    To Colonel @Baeder.S
    Commanding Officer 1st Battalion,
    7th Cavalry Regiment.

    Dear Sir,

    Our assets North of the Border with Turkemnistan have identified heavy Troop movements approaching the Bala Morgab Valley along the Morghab river bed. It is now believed that the Military Exercises held around Serhetabat were purely a distraction allowing forces to gather in this AO.

    It is our belief that Russian Forces intend to launch an attack South into Afghan terriitory at the start of the next Month, following the Turkmenistan elections. Your Battalion has been tasked with holding the Morghab River Valley up to the Border and if required prosecuting their forces staging area around Kala e Nowi north of the border.

    Due to the sensistive nature and ongoing diplomatic efforts there must be no breaching of the International Boundary until the Rules Of Engagement have been lifted. This will only occur if Sovreign Afghan territory is encroached by an aggressor or in the event of self defense or defense of others.

    There will be a Battalion Planning Meeting on ***REDACTED*** Hours, all Battalion, Company and Support element Leaders will need to be in attendance. A list of required atendees will be published closer to the time.

    Subsequent to which you are expected to ensure your Company and Support Leaders hold their own Planning Meetings on ***REDACTED*** under the supervision of a member of Battalion HQ.

    It is imperative that these timings are adhered to, Company Breifings must all be held at the same time to ensure that the CoC is able to liase with each other immediately via Battalion HQ should a question of unit level integration arise.

    God speed and God bless,

    Sent 09/08/2028
    From Division HQ,
    Military Intelligence.

    To Colonel @Baeder.S
    Commanding Officer 1st Battalion,
    7th Cavalry Regiment.

    Dear Sir,

    Ranged against us is the vanguard of the 3rd Union of the Russian States Army Group. Based on previous engagements this group is expected to consist of the following:
    • The 11th Aerospace Brigade;
      • CAP and CAS Jets (Shikra, Gryphon and Neophron)
      • Radar Assemblies
      • SAMs (Ranging from Oppressive to basic ZSU, limited Intel currently)
      • Defensive Light Infantry and emplacements
    • The 8th Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade;
      • Mortars
      • Self Propelled Artillery in support
      • Man-pad AA Systems
    • The 6th Seperate Tank Brigade;
      • Primarily older T80BV
      • Have been resupplied with T80U and T90 (1992)
      • ATGM Teams in support
      • Mechanized units in Support
    The expected disposition of Enemy Forces has been marked for you (Image 2A).


    It is believed that the 6th Seperate Tank Brigade intend to push South through the hills and form a battle line along the Northern side of the River Bed at "Arobaster".

    We also estimate that the 8th Guards in the West intend to push South distracting us from the 6th's movement. It is likely that they will attempt Air Bourne Assaults behind our lines in the Valley to that end.

    We can expect heavy initial CAS from OPFOR to soften up our defensive positions in readiness for their assault.

    Sent 09/08/2028
    From Division HQ,
    Support Department 3.

    To Colonel @Baeder.S
    Commanding Officer 1st Battalion,
    7th Cavalry Regiment.

    ***REDACTED*** Enlist Today to join the Operation!

    Enlist today and join us in this and many many other quality Operations!
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  2. Palmero.B

    Palmero.B F/1-7 Section Leader Corporal Active Member

    I'm down I would love to participate
  3. Priest.V

    Priest.V Extended Leave of Absence Corporal Active Member

    The sign up is in the Ops section of the members forum