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[Ban Appeal] - Noose

Discussion in 'Have you been banned?' started by Noose, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. Noose


    Appeal Information
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    I feel that the ban was justified at the time. In all honesty I cannot remember the incident as it was four years ago.

    I am appealing my ban nonetheless because I have recently been searching for a new arma 3 milsim type server. I really love the acre2 system and the immersion that comes with ace. I recently just downloaded all of the required mods for server 2, only to discover I have been banned for "mass tk and destruction of friendly equipment". Once again, I was banned four years ago, I can say I apologize for all I did wrong; Yet I cannot recall what the details of the event were.

    I hope whoever is viewing this can understand the difficulty in finding a decent arma 3 realism server with acre enabled that is also a public server. I also hope this individual reading this can understand that the ban was four years ago when I had a much different mindset about arma 3.
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  2. Burgundy.C

    Burgundy.C Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Active Member

    its four years old, ill lift it, keep in mind we wont tolerate further incidents though

    @Jarvis.A @Treck.M , please lift when you have a chance
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  3. Jarvis.A

    Jarvis.A IMO Officer in Charge Colonel Active Member

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    S6 - Officer In Charge
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    Ban removed

    @Noose please check in over the next few days, as the servers take a day or two to process ban updates