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  1. *I apologize ahead of time for using the "new thread" function, but the appeal form would not allow me to submit it.

    I believe I may have been banned from one of the two 7th Cav Post Scriptum Servers today.

    Early on in the match a shell got a little too close to friendly infantry as I was playing the platoon commander, and took out four or five teammates.

    Later in the round a strafing run hit one more and I think that was what initiated the kick and ban.

    All team killing was unintentional, and apologized for at the time. I play regularly on your servers to enjoy Post Scriptum.

    If its a temporary ban, could I just know how long for?
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  2. Argus.J

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    I don't see any bans in our list for your name. If you are still banned, please PM me using the forums your steamid. Thanks.