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[ARMA3] =7Cav= Tactical Realism 2 Server - OUTDATED

Discussion in 'Public Announcements' started by Tharen.R, Mar 8, 2019.

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  1. Tharen.R

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    The 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment invites you to our Arma 3 Tactical 2 Realism Server! This Arma 3 co-operative multiplayer server hosts a dynamic mission and operation system based on the popular Invade & Annex and Strongpoints game types that uniquely foster tactical realism and coordinated gameplay. The server is also fully modded to showcase the weapons, vehicles, equipment, and materials used by the US Army and the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment.

    Who We Are

    The 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment is a military simulation clan primarily focused on Arma 3, Squad, and Post Scriptum. The Regiment was founded October 15th, 2002 and remains committed to milsim today. This means that when you enlist, you will earn your place as a trooper in one of the oldest gaming units online! For the majority of people in the Cav, this unit is not just somewhere to play. It truly is a brotherhood in which all are respected and supported by their brethren. Enlist today!

    How to Play

    If you would like to play on the server, the server information is as follows:

    Server name: =7Cav=Tactical Realism 2
    PORT: 2322

    All mods are easily downloadable from the Steam Workshop for your convenience! The main Arma 3 Mods used include RHS, ACE, ACRE2, and many more!

    What You Can Play

    Once you get on the server, players work together simulating the US Army conducting combined arms operations against enemy forces. The roles you can play include:
    • Rotary Pilot (Attack/Transport), Fixed Wing Pilot (Attack/Transport)
    • Platoon Leader, Platoon Sergeant, Squad Leader, Fire Team Leader
    • Automatic Rifleman, Grenadier, Rifleman, Combat Lifesaver
    • Combat Medic, EOD Specialist, Logistical Operator
    • Forward Observer, Forward Air Controller
    • Armor Crewman, IFV Crewman
    US Army (BLUFOR) available assets include:
    • F-16C Fighting Falcon, A-10C Warthog
    • AH-64D Apache, UH-60M Blackhawk, AH-6M Little Bird, MH-6M Little Bird
    • M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank, M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle
    • Mk6 Mortars, M109A6 Paladin, M41A4 TOW
    • And more!


    The 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment promotes coordinated gameplay and as a result, all Tactical Realism 2 players are invited to our TeamSpeak 3 server.

    7th Cavalry TeamSpeak 3 Address: ts3.7cav.us
    Port: 9987
    Password: 7thCavalry

    Please note that a TeamSpeak security level of 30 is required.

    The Fight For Zaros on Tac2: https://7cav.us/threads/the-fight-for-zaros.45199/

    Tac2 FOB Pictures: https://7cav.us/threads/tac-2-fob-pictures.45339/

    Tac2 War Stories: https://7cav.us/threads/most-intense-tac-2-mission-ive-ever-been-part-of-war-stories.45796/

    Server Rules

    Besides coordinated gameplay, the 7th Cavalry also believes in creating a friendly and fair environment for all players to enjoy with active admins so you can focus on the fun and not be interrupted by griefers. Our public servers observe the following rules:
    1. No fratricide.
    2. No destruction of friendly equipment.
    3. All pilots, artillery, and UAV operators must be on TeamSpeak 3.
    4. All aircraft, artillery, and UAV support must be on call (including mortars).
    5. Weapons safe on base.
    6. No foul language, racism, or insults of any type will be tolerated.
    7. No vehicles allowed on runways or landing pads unless it is a support vehicle being used for that purpose.


    We take the feedback from our public players and members very seriously. We are always striving to improve the server and gameplay experience for all. If you have any feedback for the server, we'd love to hear from you! Please see this link to post any feedback and suggestions.

    A Special Thank You!

    The current version of the server not exist without the insane amount of work and effort from the following people:
    • @JBJB and @Dakota.N for their work on Tactical Realism 1, whose dynamic mission system has been ported and modified for use on Tactical Realism 2.
    • @Vex.W and @Bojan for putting in 5+ months of hard work into converting Tac1 files to work on Tac2, creating the latest mission files, and constantly gathering feedback to make new updates and improvements!

    Join the Cav!

    Want to know more but not yet a member of the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment? Enlist today and join our success!

    We hope to see you on the server!


    S3 Arma 3 Public Staff
    S3 Command Staff
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