Arma 3 Tactical Realism 2 - 4.2 Update, Feedback, and Suggestions Thread

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  1. Geki.T

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    Arma 3 Tactical Realism 2 4.2 Update, Feedback, and Suggestions Thread

    This thread is to serve as a hub for discussion involving the latest updates or feedback to the Arma 3 Tactical Realism 2 (Tac 2) Public Modded Server. Please post your feedback or suggestions here.

    This update would not exist without the insane amount of efforts from the following people:
    @JBJB and @Dakota.N for their work on Tactical Realism 1, which this update to Tac 2 would not exist if it wasn't for them.
    @Vex.W and @Bojan for putting in 5+ months of hard work into converting Tac 1 files to work on Tac 2, and putting up with a lot of criticism from people regarding the updates.

    How to play

    If you would like to play on the server, the information is as follows:

    PORT: 2322


    Contact Us

    Please fill in the Feedback Form HERE whenever you experience issues on the file

    If you need to contact S3 Command Staff for any Tac 2 related issues, please click HERE.

    We hope to see all of you on the server sometime!


    S3 Arma 3 Public Staff
    S3 Command Staff
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  2. Geki.T

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    - There should be less enemy armour spawning in, and they should spawn in less frequently.
    - Apollo and Mustang can now enter and drive each other's vehicles
    - Apollo members should be able to drive in the same vehicle together
    - Removed all of JB's radio stuff from Tac1 - this might help with radio issues on Tac2
    - The "abandonment" distance and time thresholds have been increased for land vehicles to 1.5km and 10 minutes (no players in that area for that time)
    - Logistics vehicles have a large ACE cargo capacity
    - Spare wheels and tracks added to logistic repair vehicles
    - FOB fortifications require you to be near the FOB CP vehicle (100m)
    - FOB fortifications require you be an Apollo unit.
    - Fixed bug with fortifications allowing any player to enter any vehicle
    - Fixed bug with splinting where option would not always appear for players (hopefully)
    - Fixed bug with splinting where taking any damage would cause your splints to "fall off"
    - Fixed a way players could bypass the vehicle restrictions
    - Changed the VTOL type that is spawned from infantry to vehicle
    - You can no longer load the Bradley into the logistics vehicles (lol)
    - Cut down the mission file size by a few MB by removing extra files
    - Lowered the max amount of AI from 225 to 150. This will hopefully help with the poor frame rate when we get to a busy server

    - Repair logi truck now has limited fuel and ammo resupply points (half of what the regular trucks have)
    - Transport VTOL can now hold the Bradley through ACE Cargo
    - Ammo box spawner is now part of the arsenal boxes near the vehicle depot. Apollo members can load these up and put them into the larger cargo of their vehicles.
    - Zeus now has access to "mp" and "gm" commands
    - Zeus has a new command "gm fortify points <amount>" to add/remove budget from Apollo
    - Added helipad to the fortify list
    - Added concrete hedgehogs to the fortify list
    - Added grass cutter to the fortify list
    - Removed helipad lights + bar gate from the list
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  3. Shepard.J

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    Three things, the Helo's seating chart is interfering with the GPS. The SENS that is built into the Helo already offers the seating chart to see whos on the bird. Second the radios are deafening upon entering TAC2. FPS is also really low I normally get anywhere from 30 to 45 stable I'm now only getting between 14 and 21.
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  4. Maco.D

    Maco.D C/1-7 Trooper Specialist Active Member

    Only issue for me atm is any more than say 25 people my fps goes down to like 9-13fps had to leave at that point even then when its like 12-16 people its like going around 25-30 fps down from when i used to get a 45-60fps. The update is being loved by everyone we had around 36 people on but at that point it got to bad for me. Tho its a point in the right way like the old times even Tully came on 2014 all over again :D
  5. Morrow.J

    Morrow.J C/1-7 Trooper Corporal Active Member

    Tact 2 has been pretty much unplayable for me since the server migration, .idk if its the new mission file, the server, both? But Before the server migration I had zero issues with tact 2 and was able to play on it fine, and frequently. I am able to play on other Arma Servers with no problem, and our Private servers I run with no performance issues whatsoever. Others have mentioned to me they have had issues with tact 2 since the migration as well with similar performance issues. Many seem to be running it fine, but Tact 2 is unplayable for me currently. If it is "just me" I would love for someone to help me figure out what is going on because I feel like my favorite game has been mostly taken away from me now. Very laggy, low frames, rubber bandy, frequent crashes and ACRE Sync issues as well in comparison with private servers where none of the above occurs. My settings are mostly low, and view distance is default 1600 low terrain settings. No other programs running than steam, arma, and TS. Unfortunately, it seems like you guys are investing deeper into the current mission which all but takes Arma out of my life anywhere other than private server events, most of which I cannot be here for anyway. I am very disheartened by the lack of progress or change as far as how it has impacted me and essentially taken arma away from me in any public sense...Its not just ME!
    For love of god, please add some other stuff to the rotation at least instead of having this poorly optimized and work in progress mission as the ONLY option!? Insurgency? Invade and Annex? Even a Simple Zeus Sandbox at scheduled times, maybe peak times? ( yes I understand its being worked on steadily but I cannot play in the meantime...)
  6. Argus.J

    Argus.J Corporal Discharged

    For my contribution to this, I can say that the new server mission files were not available until yesterday evening. So if you were having problems before that, it clearly has nothing to do with the mission.
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  7. Ticknor.D

    Ticknor.D Corporal Retired Member

    The server itself is actually an upgrade to what it use to run on, and currently Tac2 is the only instance on the box at the moment.
  8. Otel.J

    Otel.J Sergeant Discharged

    normally if my Arma starts acting up to that degree I re-install it fully and grab the mods all over again.

    Takes a little time and effort but I can say whole heartedly it is something to consider.

    A lot of people are reporting things are working better

    A lot of people are reporting it isnt.

    Between these two statements lets call it a wash and say maybe its the sever maybe its not.

    Double check or maybe even re-install video drivers
    Re-install arma + mods (mostly as I saw on another one of your threads about this you are running windows 7, and windows 7 have a REALLY bad time with holding onto cache and garbage files)

    Run disk cleanup (its a part of windows and will dump out some garbage files)

    Once you can say there is just no possible way it is on your end - through eliminating every possible connection and resource that is used by Arma...

    Then I could see being truly frustrated.

    I am not taking a side on if its sever or if it is personal - but I would say the server team is likely (and i can say they are) working on making sure Tac 2 and all of our servers are running to the best they can for us all to enjoy.

    I myself have had tons of different stupid things happen with arma, being arma.
    My fix is honestly re-install arma and re-install add-ons (and again i know, it sucks, and it takes awhile, and my loadouts change etc etc etc)

    That's all I can think of at this time. I hope it helps someone.
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  9. Argus.J

    Argus.J Corporal Discharged

    What we need to figure out is how many people are actually experiencing this, and when exactly did it start. Then we can try to figure out where the problem is. This isn't the first time it has happened. I recall a while back after we did an upgrade several people had problems, I just couldn't find the posts to see what the solution was.
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  10. Lindsay.A

    Lindsay.A Reservist Active Member

    Thanks for this info, I have not been able to get on Tac2 for about a week now. Not sure what the issue is/was. Will try again in the coming days.

    In addition when I checked the new server info had not been updated on the following Cav pages.

    I'm not sure if this info is posted elsewhere and would need updating but as these are used for reference getting them updated will likely cut down on the confusion going forward.

    Perhaps a check of forums / server lists elsewhere would be in order?
  11. Sweetwater.I

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    Server migration being the cause or not, the current play testing with a new mission file is going to skew any performance statistics we can base it on. Being said was the migration only for public servers? are you able to reproduce on the training servers?

    You might also try changing the amount of pings if you are having trouble on the server browser
    Steam --> Settings --> In-Game

    You can also use the master.bistudio site to find the servers.
  12. Jordan.T

    Jordan.T E/2-7 Trooper Corporal Active Member

    @Vex.W Make sure to fix the giant bug i showed you, if you need a reminder let me know. No reason to post it here.
  13. Amante.L

    Amante.L Reservist Active Member

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    I will say, my frames were down to 20fps last night, and my comp is rock solid. Don't know what's the cause, just adding input. Vex and I already discussed it though. Other than that, the new mission files seem to have reinvigorated the player base. Server was quite active last night.
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  14. Bojan


    There were several reasons I can see for a drop in performance last night:

    1) 35 players online is more than we've had on Tac 2 in a while. Usually we're in the range of 15-25 on old Tac2.
    2) The mission spawns in 4 AI per player, giving us at prime time a total of at least 140 infantry AI, in addition to the vehicles getting spawned in response to friendly air. Lets call it at 180 AI units.
    3) Location of AOs. On previous mission files, AOs were often in the middle of a field or on an empty hilltop. Fighting in urban environments will always be more difficult on FPS.

    It will be difficult to pin this down because there are so many things contributing to the problem. Our first change will be lowering the amount of AI that spawn for each player from 4 to 2-3. This will hopefully reduce the AI load. Additionally, I hope this will reduce the amount of time each AO takes. While the fights are fun, I'd like to see more progress through the island. If this doesn't help, we'll have to dive deeper and see what fixes can be made.

    FWIW I didn't notice abnormally low frames last night. While playing MCCs or on a busy night on the old mission system I would usually drop to about 30FPS. I was getting about the same performance last night at peak time as I was on old Tac2.

    @Morrow.J @Lindsay.A , are you sure you have been playing what is actually the new mission file? There has been a file on the server also running Altis for the last few days, but it is not the new mission file (the old one has stuff all over the map, for example). The new mission file was only deployed two days ago. Please try to join in now and report back.

    @Shepard.J, your GPS suggestion is noted. Radios also seem wonky to me, but not for volume per se. We'll take a look at the different settings and see what we can change. As for GPS, I've added the issue to our tracker but our current priority is fixing the really broken things, so it might be a bit of time until that's fixed for you. In the meantime, I believe you can "edit" your UI through Arma and shift the GPS over to the right slightly.

    @Jordan.T if you bug has to do with ACE interact, it's been noted and we'll fix it asap. If it's not, shoot me a PM.

    Thank you all for the feedback, please keep it coming!
  15. Sweetwater.I

    Sweetwater.I S6 Executive Officer 2nd Lieutenant Active Member

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    S3 - Arma 3 Pub Operations Staff
    Could we get a short and sweet explanation on how the budget system works, what its used for and what conditions are needed to utilize?
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  16. Geki.T

    Geki.T C/1-7 Section Leader Staff Sergeant Active Member

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    The budget system is tied to the ACE Fortify system that Apollo utilizes. It's a set budget for the entirety of the mission. It allows Apollo to place down a certain amount of objects from a given list that they can utilize. If they do not remove the objects ("pack up" a FOB), they do not get that budget back.
    To break it down:
    Apollo has a budget of 50 (hypothetically, they have around 350 in Tac 2)
    An H-barrier watchtower is 25
    Apollo places two watchtowers
    They now cannot place anything as their budget is 0 now
    Apollo removes the watchtowers
    They receive 25 back for each watchtower they remove
  17. JBJB


    To throw a number in there, I lose about 10 FPS on Tac 1 just by going from the wilderness to a large town. Actually fighting seems to be another 5 FPS more expensive in a town. So expect to drop 15 FPS when fighting in a large town. I was using Athira on the Altis map as my testbed.

    Also, I lose 5 FPS with 64 inactive AI nearby and another 5 FPS when they start shooting. This was a fairly sterile test with only two of us on Tac 1, but it was all using the Tac 1 mission system to manage the AI.

    This is funny to me because Tac 1 started out with low AI counts and the players were disappointed that the fights were over so quickly. We're now running 10 AI per player and we max our AI with 13 players.

    @Bojan, if you're ever up for a grand experiment, it would be interesting to update Tac 2 with a modified Strongpoints setup that has only one type of infantryman, one type of patrol vehicle and one type of armor. My theory is that the extreme performance drops are due to the sheer number of models, textures, animations and sounds that must be loaded to support the myriad forms of opposition and objectives that Strongpoints supports. We really do try to throw the kitchen sink at the players.

    By way of supporting anecdote, we ran an operation on Tac 1 with 100 players where we threw waves of infantry at them while they fought their way onto the Altis airfield. I was amazed to find that there were no real performance problems. A key might have been that we didn't throw a lot of variety at them. It was just lots of infantry over and over again. I think there was one mortar and we tossed in one or two vehicles which were quickly dispatched. From a resource standpoint it was only severe in the numbers of players and the volume of fire.

    On top of all that, it was a dawn raid, so all the modified lighting was also in play.
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  18. Fortifications:

    Budget is a 300 limit currently; Last night we tried with a budget of 900. I think 800 or 900 is ideal based on what we were able to accomplish.

    50 for hesco watch-towers is a bit much – change of the cost to 25 would be ideal the total above could be lowered to 650 or 700 if this change was made.

    Remove Helipad lights from the Fortify list. No one's using them due to their flipping / getting knocked by vehicles / being forgotten in the grass because even ground units cant see them. It was mentioned that cutting grass might help, but they will still flip over 87% of the time.

    Remove spotlights – better to use the arsenal objects and carry them in then waste the budget.
    Remove sandbags – better to use arsenal objects and carry them in bags than to waste the budget. <- infact I've only seen 2 people place 1 or 2 sandbags down. They aren't needed for these types of FOB's, and if they're wanted they could be brought in via backpacks.

    Decrease the cost of single layer high 5-wide hesco's from 10 to 5. <- they aren't worth 10 in their current state since they are half of a regular two high wall or two high corner hesco.

    The Gate Barrier also needs to go waaaay down in price. It's one of the few objects that break really easily, and they provide no cover or stopping power. They're just a gate. I'd even say make them cost 5 or 10. They are most certainly not worth 50.

    I've heard about adding concrete barriers and Helepads, The helepad paint would be nice, but neither of these are needed for anything more than aesthetic. I think there are bigger problems to worry about at the moment like the bugs we've discussed regarding permissions.


    Enhanced movement:
    Something is wrong with user action 1 if you can't use enhanced movement hit escape click the puzzle icon [bottom right] scroll to green enhanced movement - select keys – switch the first option from user action 1 to user action 20 and then go back to controls rebind the custom button in controls from
    user action 1 as spacebar before? Switch spacebar to to user action 20 and all will work fine.


    FPS & Zues: [These two kinda go hand-in-hand for me and I will tell you why:]

    I myself am getting great frames. They're better than I got on the old mission files, and old server box.

    The one time I noticed frames take a hit was when we had 34 people on and on top of those 160+ ai number's Bojan mentioned, we had Zues' attacking our fob's to "Enhance the Experience."

    I'd like to strongly request that Zues don't add more AI to this mission file.
    It is not needed. These AO's are way tough as it is and scale up when assets like Eagle, Raider and Hog are in the air.

    When we ran this the other night without Zues' and we had zero issues with frames across the board. The AO's are hard enough without tinkering; Apollo doesn't need or want additional assaults at our FOB's from Zues'. [We appreciate the thought, but:] We want to support our troops and last night we were unable to move close enough to do so due to heavy attacks from Zues. It's our job as Apollo to keep the mobile FOB relevant by moving it up supporting our assets with re-arm re-fuel and repair and Yes we can help against counter assaults with AA and AT Support directly from the FOB; When we're able to move our FOB's where they should be we get plenty of action. [Trust me. We fired 30 stingers countering the counter-attack choppers from Pyrgos last night.]

    As an example:
    Both night's when Zues' weren't hindering us we were able to build our fob's within 700m of the AO's keeping us as a relevant landing space for birds needing quick re-arm/re-pair, a CCP for Mustang and wounded troops, and a safe Buffalo landing spot for re-inserts. We were also able to provide the same services for Tanks and Land Inserts.

    When we're 2km out from an AO it's because we're trying to mitigate the damage the zues is doing to our assets and during these assaults all assets were directed away from Apollo instead of to them. At one point we lost an AO that the troops had been fighting to take for 2 hours because our FOB was under such heavy attack from the Zues' that all units were re-routed to us instead of holding against the AO's Counter-Attack like they should've been. When this happened the AO was almost immediately lost for a FOB we'd been wanting to move for a good 30 minutes.

    Additionally not only did my frames go back up 1 AO after the Zues' stopped "Enhancing AO's" but we were able to complete all following AO's in half the time that the first two took last night.

    Please don't take this the wrong way zues' but this Mission file is fantastic when you don't mess with it. I understand your aim, as the old AO's were so boring that they were in serious need of "Enhancement", but please let's do a vote and go to a different mission file/map for MCC's if you want to get your Zues on. I cannot stress that it is already tough enough.

    I know it's tempting to say "We didn't spawn much at all!" but anything on top of the already 160+ ai is going to feel like hell to those with toasters. [And those without. We were getting murdered out there.] Additionally if you think we need the challenge then I challenge you to un-slot from Zeus during the new mission files and try these AO's for yourself.

    I think once you live it, like we do on the ground, you will understand what I mean.

    Additionally regarding specifically AI & Frames:
    I think the ai spawns were increased from 2 per player to 4 per player – maybe split the difference and try 3 per player for a little less chaos and a little less of an FPS hit for those having FPS issues, while still providing a challenge to us all.

    @Bojan @Vex.W @Geki.T and @JBJB

    I know I've already talked to guys individually [Except JB I'm sorry we've never met!] but thank you so much for all of your effort on this new system. It's nice to see Tac-2 be relevant again and so many old regulars coming back to participate in it. Every time this file goes up we see drastic increases in server population and it's very very refreshing to fight something other than an AA section on a hilltop. It's dynamic and my steam messages have been blowing up from old regulars both public and cav members wanting to come back to play on the server again. It's breathing life back into the server that has been so desperately wanted/needed/prayed for, and while there may still be bugs I cannot say enough: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! <3
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  19. Bojan


    Thats a great idea JB. I think if we get to a point where we're desperate to increase the FPS, we can go that route. Thank you for the feedback and the consistent help you've been getting this rolling. Also, re: your comment on AI/player. It felt like we were on the same AO for about 2 hours! It might be a combination of more difficult settings (ACE medical can be pretty rough...) or something else, but we found it pretty brutal. Additionally, making the AOs finish a bit quicker means we can get through the map faster, and move onto other maps in the rotation.

    @Mr. Viscosity your comments about the fortify budget are noted, we'll make those changes for the next update. Enhanced movement issues might be something from one of JBs Tac1 pseudo-mods? We'll take a look at this. We'll definitely keep playing with the amount of AI per person until we find a nice balance. We appreciate the words of encouragement.
  20. JBJB


    Thanks @Mr. Viscosity.

    While we're listing names, I want to underscore @Dakota.N's role in all this. @Vex.W was the impetus behind getting the Strongpoints stuff onto Tac 2, but it was Dakota who got the whole thing started over three years ago. He was the one who saw Tac 1 sitting unused and decided to take steps to refurbish it. He roped me into it and we were off and running.

    Without Dakota, none of this would ever have happened.

    That's what a Tac 1 player calls "a good operation". :)

    The downside to those things is that the operations can be so intense that players sometimes feel a need to step away from the game for a bit. Next system idea: R&R.

    You could go with a time-based departure from the map. When an operation finishes, check to see how long you've been on the map. If more than X minutes, exit the map.

    In truth, you should create a new mission based on the SPM, mission, JB and INIT folders. If you want the Strongpoint command stuff (recommended), then include the OP folder as well. I'm sure the division wouldn't be that clean, but those are the essentials for what you're really after, which is firing off a series of missions. It would get you away from all the little pseudo-mod stuff that I did to gloss over some of ARMA's shortcomings.
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