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Arma 3 Tactical Realism 1 - Strongpoints Mission Feedback

Discussion in 'Public General Discussion' started by Dakota.N, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. JBJB


    That's what I see in the game interface if I start ARMA without joining a server, but in the lower left corner.

    In that case, there are three rows of icons. Row 1 is DLCs I don't own, row 2 is DLCs I own, and row 3 is mods that I have loaded. Row three starts with a puzzle piece that opens the Steam Workshop. In my case, there are two icons to its right; Enhanced Movement (a blue cube), and JSRS (a microphone jack).

    The interface that I was referring to was accessed by first joining Tac 1. While you're looking at the world, press ESC to see the ABORT, RESPAWN, etc, menu. In the lower right corner of the screen will be a puzzle piece that allows you to configure any loaded mods.

    I wasn't aware of the icons on the game start screen because I always use the ARMA launcher to immediately connect to a server.
  2. Yeah, sry ... It was counterintuitive to start the game, and then join the server when the icon is there on the start screen :)

    I missed your "joined server" part, so should have written:
    "After starting the game, in the bottom left corner there is a puzzle piece ..."

    I believe the video or screenshot of instructions I watched also used the start screen rather than the on-server view, but then had instructions written as if it WAS the on-server view! Which is why I couldn't get it to work the first time I tried. At least that video has disappeared now.
  3. JBJB


    Release Notes for Strongpoints 1.3.13


    1. Reinforced garrisons and counterattacks should end when players have reduced the enemy garrison to 20% of its intended size. The prior behavior was to gain a 2:1 numerical superiority.

    2. An operation loss in a Chain style advance should no longer result in mortar and artillery fire to encourage players to leave the enemy-held area. Instead, the Conquest style advance system should be used, which involves changed visuals, ending with a black screen and an automatic respawn.

    3. Operations that are 100% Syndikat should include a truck that players can use as transport.

    4. Enemy vehicles which are active when the enemy surrenders should be locked, preventing players from shooting retreating crews and taking their vehicles.

    5. Enemy vehicles which are inactive when the enemy surrenders should be available to players until all players have left the operational area.

    6. Downgunned Tigrises should take greater damage from any rounds that can normally penetrate its armor.

    7. Players should receive one quarter point for each heal on another player.

    8. Players should receive one quarter point for each surrendered enemy that they secure (Secure prisoner).

    9. Dead bodies not near players should be more aggressively removed. A dead body is considered to be near a player if it is within 10 meters.

    10. The mission controller inspector interface (CTRL+SHIFT+D,I) should be reformatted to make inspection of a specific category easier.

    11. A "Player" map type should be available in the mission parameters list. When selected, all players see only themselves on the map. This setting is not mutable.

    12. The set garrison operation command should have a -ruins ignore|repair parameter. The ignore value tells the scripts to not repair ruined buildings in the garrisoned area, while the repair value tells them to repair them. The default value is taken from the mission parameters' "Restore destroyed buildings in mission areas" parameter.

    13. Players with access to the debug console can alter their durability by setting the JBM_PlayerToughness variable to values larger than 1.0 (e.g. 2.0 makes the player character twice as tough, 0.5 makes the player character half as tough).

    Bug Fixes

    1. The Pawnees should be opposed by Gorgon APCs in AAF operations.

    2. Players connecting to the server while a Conquest-style advance is under way should be initialized properly.

    3. Players who rappel out of a helicopter should not be invulnerable when they finish the rappel.

    4. Syndikat offroad trucks should be in camoflage.

    5. The Falcon drone should permit manual fire.

    6. Artillery rounds for the Scorcher should have more accurate weights in the logistics system.

    7. The boxes in the back of the logistics all-in-one HEMTT should be deleted when the vehicle is destroyed.
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  4. Hamm.C

    Hamm.C A/1-7 Trooper Specialist Active Member

    Great work guys! Well done!

    Can I ask, have other issues been resolved or addressed? Such as:

    - Pilot ability to RELEASE CONTROLS so they can help other pilots learn to fly properly?

    - What is the point in the 7.5 minute wait time for respawn of certain vehicles, other than taking a smoke break or twiddling thumbs? This should be re-examined.

    - Why are Ops so easily overtaken. Seems like the challenge level is on nerf level in some cases. In some cases, it's less than 5 minutes and pathetically easy. Just sayin'... love you guys.

    - The programming features on UAVs? [possibly a BI issue]

    - SPEC OPTs need fixing.

    Super-Great thanks for everything you have done and continue to do. Love you bros!
  5. Sims.M

    Sims.M Recruit Discharged

    JB I found the AI you were looking for tonight when that guy couldn't log in.

    Attached Files:

  6. JBJB


    Thanks for confirming that was the problem. The next update will include a bit of code to hunt down and kill those guys on the rare occasions when they show up. Players shouldn't be locked out of a lobby slot for more than a few seconds.
  7. Hamm.C

    Hamm.C A/1-7 Trooper Specialist Active Member

    Is there any answer to what I laid out in our future? Asking for me and for a friend.

    Thanks guys!
  8. JBJB


    I don't have anything new to add to any of my prior responses.
  9. Hamm.C

    Hamm.C A/1-7 Trooper Specialist Active Member

    Should I ask them again in questions in less temerarious terms? These are not new .... as that these questions ARE NOT NEW and have been repeated in other comms, so you need to answer....I would respect and at least understand A SIMPLE ANSWER. Not too hard to do. It's all pretty easy. Here you go again sir... and all my thanks and love!

    Great work guys! Well done!
    Can I ask, have other issues been resolved or addressed? Such as:

    - Pilot ability to RELEASE CONTROLS so they can help other pilots learn to fly properly?

    - What is the point in the 7.5 minute wait time for respawn of certain vehicles, other than taking a smoke break or twiddling thumbs? This should be re-examined.

    - Why are Ops so easily overtaken. Seems like the challenge level is on nerf level in some cases. In some cases, it's less than 5 minutes and pathetically easy. Just sayin'... love you guys.

    - The programming features on UAVs? [possibly a BI issue]

    - SPEC OPTs need fixing.

    Super-Great thanks for everything you have done and continue to do. Love you bros!

  10. Sims.M

    Sims.M Recruit Discharged

    Hamm, we tested the pilots releasing controls a few nights ago, it seems that every helicopter is able to release controls to another player if both players are in the transport pilot slots.
    The only exception is the Blackfoot of course
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  11. JBJB


    Release Notes for Strongpoints 1.4.0


    1. To make use of the direct voice channel practical, the server has greatly muted game sound effects. Players will probably want to increase their EFFECTS volume to at least 50% (ESCAPE, CONFIGURE, AUDIO, EFFECTS slider).

    2. Earplugs should now be enhanced to have three filter levels; light, medium and heavy, which correspond to 30%, 60% and 90% muting, respectively. Pressing the Pause key (or selecting the scroll wheel action) should cycle through the various earplug choices. Pressing SHIFT+Pause should cycle through them in reverse order.. Players who had earplugs inserted when they last left the server before this update should have medium filters inserted.

    3. The thermal scopes, Nightstalker, TWS and TWS MG should be unavailable.

    4. The Mora should now be fitted with a 40mm main gun and 4 Titan missiles, organized into 2 sets of 2 missiles. Reload time between pairs of Titans is approximately 30 seconds.

    5. Logistics specialists should be able to pilot and copilot the Taru heavy lift helicopters.

    6. Transport and logistics pilots should be able to release controls to players in the copilot seat. If the pilot is incapacitated or leaves the pilot seat, the copilot will lose control of the aircraft (unless they are a transport or logistics pilot).

    7. Infantry supply boxes should provide scroll wheel actions to obtain smaller, portable containers. Transfer of items from the supply boxes to the portable containers must be performed manually.

    8. Enemy garrisons should employ attack helicopters against friendly armor much more often.

    9. Enemy garrisons should tend to spread out their infantry to a greater degree in urban areas.

    10. Conquest mode should permit the selection of sectors along the edge of the island in addition to those adjacent to NATO-held sectors.

    11. Conquest mode should use audio messages to announce the start of voting, successes, failures and other situations.

    12. Conquest mode should leave the next contested sector red and impassable until combat operations in that sector are ready to commence.

    13. Conquest mode should no longer reduce the horizon distance when players enter red sectors. All other effects should remain in force.

    14. Conquest mode's hard deck for aircraft flying over enemy held sectors has been lowered from 500m to 300m.

    15. A NATO AI faction should be available. Mission controllers should be able to reference unit set names such as MissionInfantryNATO, MissionAttackAircraftNATO, etc.

    16. Military police and camera operators should now see the Bohemia "spectator" interface when they press the Y key instead of the Zeus interface. The two interfaces are similar in operation.

    17. Camera operators should have access to the night light feature while in the spectator interface. Press CTRL+SHIFT+L to toggle the light.

    18. The mission controller respawn command should be available. The syntax of the command is mc set respawn enable|disable players. When respawn is disabled, players will lose their RESPAWN button and when killed will be presented with a camera view of their body. They can then move that camera around the world. Player names may be specified as a comma-separated list of partial player names. For example, specifying bob would match Bob, Bobber, rbobin6, and so forth.

    19. The mission controller whitelist commands should be available. These commands, mc whitelist grant|revoke geartype gearnames, mc whitelist include|exclude players, mc whitelist set class classname|nato|original, and mc whitelist show players, should permit mission controllers to manage the gear that specific players can carry, see in the arsenal, and load into containers via the container editor.

    For example, the commands

    mc whitelist include *
    mc whitelist revoke uniform u_b_*
    mc whitelist grant uniform u_o_*

    state that all players should be included in changes that revoke the right to wear NATO uniforms and grant the right to wear CSAT uniforms. Any worn NATO uniforms will be removed (after a delay, or immediately upon any inventory action), and players will be obliged to visit an arsenal to acquire a new uniform of any of the granted types. Similar treatment is available for all types of gear.

    20. Mission controllers should be able to issue full mc commands in the command input window (CTRL+SHIFT+C).

    21. Mission controller commands that specify player names may now use * wildcards in names as well as comma-separated lists. For example, Bob,Mary,Dave* will match all names containing bob, all names containing mary and all names beginning with dave. All name searches are case-insensitive. Exact name matches will preclude any further matches on that name. So if BOB is online, Bob will exactly match that name and no other. If BigBobber6 is also online, the pattern *bob*' can be used to match both BOB and BigBobber6. The name ALL used by certain commands to indicate all connected players has been replaced by the wildcard *.

    Bug Fixes

    1. Server performance should be back to normal, without long delays between operations.

    2. The GPS should indicate all normal map information except for the location of enemies.

    3. Players operating armor should have access to smoke countermeasures regardless of which crew position they occupy.

    4. Arsenals in contested areas (enemies within 200 meters) should no longer provide the ability to edit container/vehicle inventories.

    5. Syndikat reinforcements arriving on foot should arrive in waves instead of all at once.

    6. Thermal signatures of enemy vehicles should now be set correctly, making use of guided weapons more practical.

    7. AI should no longer be occasionally left behind when a player disconnects.

    8. AI should no longer speak when joining or leaving squads.
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  12. JBJB


    Release Notes for Strongpoints 1.4.1

    Bug Fixes

    1. The performance of the server should be back to normal after the recent ARMA update introduced an atypical handgun for which the mission system was not prepared.
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  13. Sims.M

    Sims.M Recruit Discharged

    Operation Free-Radical:
    0:00 Zulu (8pm Eastern)

    Situation: AAF is conducing advanced weapons research that is seriously impacting NATO's ability to conduct operations on the island. It is also believed that the facility holds chemical and/or nuclear weapons. The 7th Cav is tasked with attacking facility, capturing any AAF Scientists, capturing any advanced weapons, and destroying any military assets.

    Mission: Use our 2 Slammers and 2 Moras (with 40mm and TOW), along with our 2 infantry squads, to assault the base, and capture any scientists and advanced weaponry. Capture of the advanced weapon is our number one priority, it is crucial that the weapon is not destroyed in our attack, this will result in immediate failure of the mission.

    Phase 1 (Movement): We will be inserted north of Agios Petros, the infantry riding in the Moras escorted by 2 slammers will travel north around the hill at 199109. Sabre 1 and Sabre 2 will then split from the main force to attack enemy vehicles at the military compound north. Alpha and Bravo squads will dismount with at the small town west of the compound. Alpha and Bravo will move to Phase Line 1 with cover from Tincan 1 and Tincan 2. Tincan element will then move to Tincan OP.

    Phase 2 (Breach): With cover from Tincan, Alpha and Bravo will move through the field towards the walls of the compound where they will take cover. Bravo squad will be tasked with using EOD to blow a hole in the wall for their assault approximately 100m north of Alpha, who will enter the compound through the opening in the west wall.

    Phase 3 (Assault): Alpha will take the dome, and surrounding area while Bravo secures the water tower area and the office north. Once Bravo secures the office north, they will cover Alpha's assault of the military HQ and office south. Tincan will provide cover from Tincan OP, stopping any enemy counterattack, and providing intel on the possible position of the enemy advanced weapon.

    Other notes: The AAF hold the airfield in the salt flats, and it is expected that they will send a QRF to stop our assault. It is the responsibility of Tincan 1 and 2 to identify any potential QRF. Sabre 1 and 2 will be expected to quickly clear the military compound so that they can join forces with Tincan 1 and 2 to blunt any QRF. All armor elements must be very cautious about identifying their targets in order to not destroy the advanced weaponry.

    Gear restrictions: No thermals or night vision, no RPG gunners, assault packs only, only close range optics are allowed. No MOS, LRPS, DMS, AMS, ect.. Any sight with a 2x optic (RCO, ERCO, MRCO, ARCO) or less is allowed.

    Unit requirements: 4-8x armor crew (2 people per vehicle is preferred) 2x squad leader, 4x medic, 1xEOD

    1.jpg 2.jpg
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  14. JBJB


    Release Notes for Strongpoints 1.4.4


    1. Players should now operate under the 7th Cavalry flag instead of the NATO flag.

    2. Rhino tank destroyers should have slat armor.

    3. All wheels on a vehicle should be listed as a single repair item.

    4. Players who are ghosted should have access to a list of all players of their side.

    5. Players who are ghosted should be able to speak to each other through the group channel.

    6. When an arsenal does not provide gear equipped by a player, the arsenal should automatically drop that gear on the ground.

    7. The "spectrum device" handgun should be removed.

    8. Supply trolleys should be available to logistics specialists at the ammo supply depot in the transport aircraft area.

    9. Players should have access to a "Mission settings" scroll wheel action. This action should show a dialog with all available mission settings. Changes are applied as they are made.

    a. Team color. This changes the player's team color, which can be one of main, red, green, blue, or yellow. Note that this changes the ARMA team color, which may be reset by ARMA.

    b. Guides. This controls whether or not to display the various icons and labels at base such as "HALO Chopper" label on the HALO aircraft and the rifle icons on the arsenals.

    c. Compass. This controls whether or not to display a live compass at the bottom center-left of the screen.

    d. Team list. This controls whether or not to display a team list at the bottom center-right of the screen. The team list will show class icons and names of team members, colored and organized by team. The group leader's team is always listed first, with the group leader at the top of the list. Teams are listed in alphabetical order. Note that if a player who is acting as a group leader turns off their team list, they will see the standard ARMA group list interface. This can be useful when working with AI units. Note that keyboard selection of units is not currently reflected in the team list, but that those selections are still made, permitting group leaders to assign teams, etc., but rather blindly.

    e. Crew list. This controls whether or not to display a crew list at the left of the screen when in a vehicle.

    f. Status panels. This controls whether or not to display the infantry status and vehicle status panels at the top right and top left of the screen.

    g. Paradrop lights. This controls whether or not to display the paradrop status lights in aircraft which are appropriately-equipped.

    h. Fatigue. This controls whether or not fatigue should be enabled. Players in roles which are forced to have fatigue enabled should not be able to change this setting.

    i. Full arsenal. This controls whether the arsenal shows items from all DLCs or only DLCs that a player owns.

    j. Radio clicks. This controls whether or not to play clicks when receiving voice transmissions on group channel.

    k. Variable throwing. This controls whether or not the mission throwing system is enabled.

    l. Earplugs. This changes the player's earplug setting, including removing earplugs.

    m. Night light. This changes the intensity of the mission night light, which provides a blue-hued light at night to make operating without night vision or thermal vision possible.

    n. Unit indicators. This section provides control of two types of unit indicators, hexes (the left column) and names (the right column). Hexes are drawn at the center of characters and may be colored by their team color, and may also show a rank or class of the character. Hexes for characters outside of the player's group are smaller than normal. Names are drawn above characters and may be colored by their team color, and may also show a rank or class of the character. Names for characters outside of the player's group are smaller than normal. If rank and class are included for a single indicator, only class should be shown. Hexes and names should be visible to 125 meters, fading out according to distance.

    "Units on my side" - both AI and players on the player's side

    "Players on my side" - players on the player's side

    "Units in my group" - both AI and players in the player's group

    "Players in my group" - players in the player's group

    "Units in my team" - both AI and players in the player's team

    "Players in my team" - players in the player's team

    "Units of my class" - both AI and players of the player's class (and on the player's side)

    "Players of my class" - players of the player's class (and on the player's side)

    "The leader of my group" - the leader of the player's group

    "None" - none​
    10. The left windows key and the right windows key act as toggles for displaying or hiding name and hex indicators, respectively. By default, hexes are shown and names are not. Holding down the left windows key will show name indicators as composed in the Mission settings dialog. Releasing the key will hide those indicators. If the key is quickly double-pressed, the names will be displayed and will remain displayed. After that, holding the left windows key will hide the name indicators until released. By quickly double-pressing the left windows key a second time, the name indicators will be hidden and will remain hidden. Holding the left windows key then again shows name indicators. The right windows key works the same way with hex indicators.

    11. Medical icons visible to medics are now considered "hex" indicators and will be visible only when hex indicators should be visible. The white icons on other medics are no longer shown automatically, but may be selected by medics by using the "Units of my class" and "Players of my class" choices.

    12. Repair icons visible to repair specialists are now considered "hex" indicators and will be visible only when hex indicators should be displayed. The orange icons on other repair specialists are no longer shown automatically, but may be selected by repair specialists by using the "Units of my class" and "Players of my class" choices. Note that indicators on damaged vehicles should now be visible to 125 meters (down from 500 meters).

    13. While the mission throwing system is enabled, holding the throw key reduces throw strength. This ensures that players who tap the throw key will see a maximum strength throw, which is the standard ARMA behavior.

    14. JTAC should lose the reconnaissance Nyx and gain the unarmed Stomper UGV.

    15. Self revive times should be increased, particularly for times of higher player population.

    16. The crew list should not be displayed when players occupy static weapons.

    17. Only group leaders should have access to the command channel, and only if equipped with a radio.

    18. Players should have access to the group channel only if equipped with a radio.

    19. Advances should have properly random starting locations on the island.

    20. Enemy snipers should use thermal stealth gear.

    21. Enemy infantry should be more inclined to stay in military buildings.

    22. Enemy grenadier accuracy with under-barrel grenades should be reduced.

    23. Mission settings should contain a map type of "none", allowing for maps with no blue force information. This setting cannot be changed during a game.

    24. Mission settings should include a night duration setting to permit mission controllers to specify how long a night should last. "Night" is the time of total darkness and does not include dusk or dawn periods.

    25. Mission settings should include a weather simulation setting to permit mission controllers to turn the weather simulation on and off.

    26. Military police and mission controllers should be able to execute mp commands through the commands window (CTRL+SHIFT+C).

    27. The mission commander commands mc whitelist grant and mc whitelist revoke have had their -affect option renamed to the -access option.

    Bug Fixes

    1. Yellow and green tracer rounds should not be found in supply crates.

    2. Vehicle smoke should be available to one member of armor crew in driver, gunner or commander seats.

    3. Designator batteries should be available to players.

    4. The starter pistol should be available to players.

    5. VR suits should no longer be available to players.

    6. When an arsenal strips a player of gear, that gear should appear on the ground by the player.

    7. Player preferences for 1st vs 3rd person view should be restored when returning from being a ghost.

    8. Players should not see their characters going through movement animations after performing medical actions.

    9. Mission controllers should not see duplicate messages about being assigned rights.

    10. The Stomper UGV map icon should be appropriately-sized.

    11. Mission controllers should have use of the curate visible command.

    12. Objectives created by mission controllers should not be announced in chat.

    13. AAF squad RPG gunners should now have RPG-7s, while AAF AT teams should have RPG-42s.

    14. Enemy RPG gunners should now have appropriate launcher ammunition.

    15. A group leader should regain lead of their group when revived.

    16. Enemies should not pursue drones on base.

    17. Whitelist changes should affect only the targeted players.

    18. Players joining the server should not affect the arsenal of connected players.
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  15. Sims.M

    Sims.M Recruit Discharged

    Operation Chasse Moufette (Skunk Hunt):
    01:00 Zulu (8pm Eastern)

    Situation: Syndicate forces have taken several hostages and are holding them for ransom. The syndicate leader, Solomon Maru, has gone too far with his actions and must be stopped.

    Mission: 2-3 squads of the gendarme forces of the islands police force will be dispatched to rescue the hostages, capture the syndicate leader, Solomon Maru, capture key syndicate strongholds, and destroy weapons caches.

    Gear: Load-outs will be provided by zeus to all players, the use of the arsenal is strictly forbidden, the use of enemy weapons is strictly forbidden. Riflemen will be equipped with a Protector (MP5) sub-machine gun and 330 rounds, and marksmen will be equipped with a Mk-1 EMR (M14 EBR) with 10 round magazines and 50 rounds total. Both of these load-outs require the Apex and Marksmen expansions. If you do not have both of those expansions, an alternative load-out is available for the standard riflemen. EOD and Medics have the same rifleman load-out but with additional gear as needed.

    Unit requirements: 2-3 squads of 6-12 people, each with 1 squad lead, 1 marksmen, 1 EOD specialist, and 2 medics. Each squad will have 2 offroad trucks for transport.


    Phase 0 (Brief): 2-3 squads will be assembled at base with infantry in their proper roles, everybody will then be teleported to Galati for the mission brief. Once the brief is over, bravo will use the teleporter marked on the map to teleport north of Frini where their mission will begin. Offroad trucks will be available at both locations, 2 per squad.

    Phase 1 (Hostage rescue): Alpha and bravo squads will simultaneously assault the two hostage locations. Timing is extremely important. From the first time an unsuppressed weapon is fired within 1km of the hostage locations you will have 60 seconds to secure the hostages before they are executed. The two hostage locations are in radio communication and if one location is assaulted before the other, the hostages will be executed.

    While alpha and bravo are securing the hostages, charlie will assault the outpost in the south, and they will destroy any enemy caches.

    Phase 2 (HVT Capture): Alpha and bravo squads will join up to capture Solomon Maru who is protected by his personal guards. He likely has a vehicle that he will use to try to escape.

    Alpha is responsible for securing the road from his escape. Alpha will also assault the compound from the west and secure Solomon Maru.

    Bravo will be providing overwatch and intel from the hill to the south, as well as cover from the north and west, stopping any escape routes

    Charlie will likely still be assaulting the outpost at this point.

    Phase 3: (Stronghold Capture): Alpha, bravo, and charlie will all join forces to assault the stronghold in the north and destroy any ammo and weapons caches. Charlie will assault and hold the brick house, alpha will assault the log cabin and provide cover from the north, bravo will assault form the west and clear the rest of the buildings. (If charlie squad is not present, alpha will hold the log cabin and police station while bravo clears the rest of the buildings.)

    Note: If only 2 squads are fielded instead of 3, alpha and bravo will assault the outpost in the south after rescuing the hostages, before capturing Solomon Maru.

    Other notes: Syndicate forces and checkpoints are scattered throughout the area. Alpha and bravo will need to sneak past any forces to get to the hostage locations. Charlie’s outpost is far enough away that they do not need to worry about alerting the hostage locations.

    Reinsertion: A player flown helicopter will bring people who die back to Galati where they will either teleport to the bravo location and drive, or drive into the operation from Galati, at any time.

    Google slides embed feature appears to be broken at the moment, the images for the op are in this link.
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  16. JBJB


    Release Notes for Strongpoints 1.4.8


    1. A new rank system should be available. All players should start with the rank of PV2 (Private) and should be able to be promoted by other players of higher rank. Mission controllers are always capable of changing the rank of any player.

    Ranks are changed in two ways. The first is through a new combo box in the Mission parameter dialog, which allows players to change their own rank up to their highest authorized rank. The second is through the use of the pl set rank command, which allows players to change the rank of other players. The format of the command is

    pl set rank player-name rank-name [-force]

    Player-name may be a list of names, including wildcards. For example, "Bob,Michel,Dave*" will match all names containing bob, all names containing mary and all names beginning with dave. Names are case-insensitive, and exact matches will preclude any further matches on that name. For example, if BOB is online, "Bob" will exactly match that name and no other. If BigBobber6 is also online, the pattern "*bob*" can be used to match both BOB and BigBobber6. Specifying "*" will attempt to set the rank of all players.

    Rank-name may be PV1, PV2, SPC, CPL, SGT, SSG, SFC, MSG, 1SG, SGM, CSM, SMA, WO1, CW2, CW3, CW4, CW5, 2LT, 1LT, CPT, MAJ, LTC, COL, BG, MG, LTG, GEN, or GOA.

    Note that you may not set the rank of a player who has a rank which is equal to or higher than your own current rank. For example, if you are a SGT (Sergeant), you cannot change the rank of a COL (Colonel) or even that of another SGT. The exception to this is if you are authorized to hold a rank above your current rank. Then you may use the -force parameter to force your rank temporarily to your maximum authorized rank for the purpose of setting another player's rank. If your highest authorized rank is MAJ (Major), then use of -force will allow you to set the rank of others no higher than CPT (Captain).

    Mission controllers have an authorized rank of MC (Mission controller), which allows them to set other players to any rank. At present, no other players have automatically-authorized ranks, but it is hoped that 7th Cavalry members who join the server will be automatically authorized to hold their 7th Cavalry rank.

    Rank insignia may be displayed in the HUD, which is configured via the Mission settings scroll wheel action.

    2. Player ranks should appear on their uniform's left shoulder. Players with squad.xml files should have their clan patch appear on their uniform's right shoulder. Note that vests can block view of these insignia.

    3. A new team system has been created which is independent of ARMA's team system and which will not apply to AI in the player's group. If you want to work with AI teams, disable the Team list in the Mission settings dialog (see the scroll wheel menu) and use the standard ARMA group interface.

    4. Team lists should show up to 8 players per column (increased from 5).

    5. Team lists should show rank and class icons.

    6. Team lists should be ordered by rank, both within a team and across teams. A player of a given rank should outrank an AI of the same rank. The group leader should no longer be used for ordering purposes.

    7. Team lists should indicate the group leader with a trailing asterisk (*).

    8. Team lists should indicate selected team members by underlining the member's name.

    9. The Mission settings dialog should display the player's role description and class icon as "Role".

    10. The Mission settings dialog should show toggles for hex and name indicators.

    11. The Mission settings dialog should have a CONFIGURE button which allows players to change keybindings of mission-specific systems such as holstering weapons, cycling earplug filters, etc.

    12. Custom radios should no longer use keys bound to Custom Controls.Use Action 10 through Custom Controls.Use Action 12. Instead, the radios should use the Mission Settings keybinding configuration dialog. The radio key bindings are listed in the Mission section of that dialog.

    13. The "Variable throwing" system should be replaced by "Advanced throwing", which mimics ACE3's advanced throwing system. Note that there is no 'drop mode'. By default, the system should be off unless you had the "Variable throwing" system turned on. By default, the grenade key for the advanced throwing system is Left Shift+G.

    Begin by pressing your advanced throwing key (left shift+g).

    Cycle by pressing your advanced throwing key again.

    Throw by pressing your Weapon.Fire key (left mouse button).

    Prime by pressing your Common.Use Default Action key (space).

    Cancel by pressing your Common.Close Context Menu key (right mouse button).

    Switch to lob throwing by pressing your Common.Previous key (mouse wheel up).

    Switch to normal throwing by pressing your Common.Next key (mouse wheel down).

    Pick up by pressing your advanced throwing key (left shift+g) while looking at a throwable on the ground.

    Drop straight down by priming the item (space) and then canceling the throw (right mouse button).​

    14. The Advanced throwing key should be rebindable through the Mission settings dialog. Note that mission bindings take precedence over ARMA standard bindings, so if you use the G key for grenades normally, binding advanced throwing to the G key will mean that you will use advanced throwing while using this mission system, but you will revert to ARMA's normal grenade throwing system on other servers. You do not need to unbind the G key in your normal ARMA bindings.

    15. The Mission settings dialog should show an option to use yellow smokes as flashbang grenades. Flashbangs should have an effective radius of 20 meters. A flashbang should only affect other players if the grenade is within range of at least one enemy. Flashbangs can always affect the thrower.

    16. The Mission settings dialog should show an option to display daytime rifle lasers. The options are "disabled", "for my weapons" and "for all player weapons". Laser dots are supported only on weapons that equip an IR laser.

    17. The HUD compass should be resizeable.

    18. The HUD compass should display a numeric heading indicator.

    19. The HUD compass background should no longer have a white marker on it.

    20. The default for showing character names should be "Units in my group" (formerly "none"). This change will affect only players who are visiting the server for the first time.

    21. The scroll wheel menu should no longer show an earplugs action (use the Mission settings dialog or key bindings).

    22. Pawnee pilots should be able to turn the aiming reticle on and off by use of a scroll wheel action.

    23. Special operations members should no longer be able to revive themselves.

    24. Special operations members should be able to stop an active mission by the use of the command

    pl specops abort

    25. Special operations mission messages should be displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. This change should be most noticeable by those with wide screen monitors.

    26. Special operations missions should not start within 500 meters of an enemy held area (i.e. the red markers placed after a failed main advance mission).

    27. Enemies should be willing to occupy more buildings with fewer troops. The prior behavior was to occupy fewer buildings with more troops.

    28. Enemies should be willing to occupy shops with glass fronts as well as sheds.

    29. Mine fields should be roughly marked with signs after a garrison surrenders. Note that some signs face outwards from the operation and some face inwards.

    30. Respawning or disconnecting should cause the player character body to vanish instantly, accompanied by a sound. In contrast, bleeding out should leave a body which sinks into the ground and produces no sounds.

    31. A "Friendly fire warnings" mission parameter should be available to mission controllers to turn friendly fire warnings on and off.

    32. Players with the rank of Second Lieutenant or higher should be able to change radio channel names using the command

    pl set radio channel channel-name -name new-name

    33. Players speaking on the custom radios should be identified by name.

    34. Edit vehicle inventory, Repair vehicle, Transfer ammo, Mission settings, the Zeus command window, and the Zeus inspector window should all be able to be moved, and their position should be remembered. The title bar of each window should be draggable.

    Bug Fixes

    1. Enemy units which incapacitate players should no longer be described as "friendly".

    2. Players should cleanly revert to their original pose when completing a medical action (apart from ARMA bugs in certain animations)

    3. Restrictions on suppressors, optics, accessories and bipods should be enforced at all times.

    4. Facewear should be accessible in the arsenal.

    5. HALO jumping from an aircraft should consistently put the jumper at the aircraft's speed.

    6. Enemies should send troops on patrol from campsites before sending troops garrisoned in buildings.

    7. Enemies should again use boats where practical during counterattacks.

    8. The first operation after a server restart should not complete immediately.

    9. When a logistics specialist confirms placement of a fortification object that has never been visible, the object should not be lost. Logistics specialists should cancel placement operations when they cannot find a suitable location for the object.

    10. When a mission controller stops an advance, the system should remove all blue, red and black markers from completed operations. Note that suspending an advance should not remove the markers, and starting the advance again should resume the advance wherever it left off.

    11. The sandbag walls protecting the rear of checkpoint bunkers should be moved out enough to allow players to more easily enter those bunkers.

    12. Military bases and other key sites on Malden should produce more challenging fights.

    13. Drivers should not receive messages about changes to their backpack when passengers interact with the vehicle's inventory.

    14. Team selections should no longer change spontaneously.

    15. The conquest mission system should work on the Malden map and be improved on the Altis map.

    16. The military barracks at the Malden base that intersected several base objects by the air supply area should be gone.

    17. The special operations mission involving the capture of an AAF scientist should no longer hang when requested.

    18. When a player character dies, the respawned character should not appear briefly where the old character died.

    19. The HUD compass should no longer spin rapidly after the player has continued to turn in one direction through 720 degrees.
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  17. JBJB


    Release Notes for Strongpoints 1.4.10


    1. The map should now be Altis.

    2. EOD should have scroll wheel actions to command detonate individual explosives. The explosives that can be commanded should be marked on the map, but only to the EOD team member who placed them. After respawning, the same EOD team member should still be able to command detonate those same explosives.

    3. New players should see names for all group members by default.

    4. Thermal optics should be disabled on static HMGs and on speedboats.

    5. Mission controllers should be able to change the "Map type" mission parameter. As a reminder, the defined map types are

    Player - show no units on the map other than the current player
    Individuals - show all units on the map (this is the normal behavior)
    Group leaders - show all group leaders on the map with a unit type icon.
    None - show no units on the map​

    6. The mission controller "Strongpoint inspector" should again be working.

    7. All roles should have the rank of private. Note that mission controllers can promote players to any rank and, once promoted, those players can promote other players to any rank less than their own using the command "pl set rank player-name rank-name". rank-name is the Army abbreviation for the given rank. For example, SGT for sergeant or LTC for lieutenant colonel. At present, ranks have essentially no functional purpose.

    Bug Fixes

    1. Special operations should again be working.

    2. Counterattacking forces should again attempt to occupy buildings in the area of operation.

    3. Player names in angle brackets should render correctly in the team list.

    4. When a player disconnects while the driver of a vehicle, that vehicle should shut off its engine.
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  18. There was a verbal request for suggestions of mods on Tac1 last night. Here is mine:


    With the caveat that Class roles be maintained, I think this could offer some value by allowing classes that are otherwise prohibited from using the "3" slot to carry a bit more diversity.

    An example would be allowing a shotgun for close quarters and a battle rifle. Since the equipment allowance in terms of inventory wouldn't change, the advantage of multiple weapons would have the same sort of limitations as a grenadier or Anti-Veh operator.
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  19. JBJB


    Release Notes for Strongpoints 1.4.11


    1. Both Pawnee attack helicopters should be equipped with DAGRs.

    2. AI ground and sea transports should use waypoints now, allowing mission controllers to redirect those transports.

    3. Enemy ground and sea transports should unload faster and then wait for their dismounts to move clear before departing.

    4. The respawn restriction system should now be restructured to specify a limited number of respawns instead of simply enabling or disabling respawns. The command

    mc set respawn players enabled|disabled​

    should be replaced by the command

    mc set respawn players count

    where count is the number of respawns that the named players have left. Specifying -1 gives those players unlimited respawns. Specifying 0 gives those players no respawns, causing them to stay dead. Specifying 2 gives those players two respawns, meaning that they have their current life and then two more.

    If a player is currently dead and unable to respawn, a mission controller can give that player 1 or more respawns in order to allow them to resume playing.​

    5. All mission parameters originally prefixed by "ADVANCE:" should now be prefixed by "MAIN OPERATIONS:".

    6. The counterattack probability mission parameter should be boosted from 90% to 100%, with a maximum possible value of 200%.

    Bug Fixes

    1. EOD should be able to command trigger anti-personnel mine dispensers.

    2. The sound of flashbangs should attenuate with distance.

    3. Rhino tank destroyers should now draw enemy armor.

    4. Players who change groups while in the HALO aircraft should retain credit for their time spent waiting in the vehicle.

    5. The special operations sniper default loadout should no longer trigger a gear warning when entering the game.

    6. Slammer repairs should show an item for the left track instead of listing it under "Other systems".

    7. When a group leader revives, he should not see the standard ARMA group interface if the mission "team list" interface is enabled.

    8. Mission controllers should not see friendly fire messages when controlling AI units.

    9. Players should see no mention of a mission controller's name when a mission controller incapacitates a player using an AI unit.

    10. CSAT AA teams should be equipped with Titan launchers instead of RPGs.

    11. Combat air patrol roles should begin with the rank of private.

    12. Two inactive teleporters in the south end of the airport building should be removed.
  20. JBJB


    Release Notes for Strongpoints 1.4.12


    1. The mission lobby should be slightly reorganized with some changes to role names (no roles have been added or removed). Group names in the lobby remain standard ARMA names, but the group name in game should now more closely follow 7th Cavalry naming conventions. For example, the medical unit group is called Mustang-1, the logistics unit group is called Apollo-1, etc.

    2. The Blackfoot attack helicopter should now have ASRAAMs instead of Scalpel ATGMs.

    3. Mission settings should now include a forced first person setting.

    4. Identification hexes on friendly units should be visible at greater ranges from the air. @Chaosdruid

    5. Base lighting should be reworked to eliminate most of the tall red and white poles.

    6. Garrisoned enemies should generally occupy more buildings with fewer troops per building instead of fewer buildings with more troops per building. Smaller buildings should now be garrisoned.

    7. The mission controller command "mc operation rename" has been deprecated, with the functionality replaced by the "mc operation set operation -name" command. In the mission controller command window, this can be abbreviated to "set operation -name".

    8. The mission controller's inspector window (CTRL+SHIFT+I) should cause the selected mission in the inspector to be selected on the map. Note that the selection on the map takes place only once the selected mission has updated its details in the inspector window.

    Bug Fixes

    1. JTAC should now start with the rank of PVT.

    2. The light AAF AAA vehicle (Nyx) should now fire on aircraft.

    3. The mission setting for fatigue should now be saved and restored across sessions.

    4. Special operations convoy intercept missions should no longer complete as soon as they are started.

    5. A small window of time between an enemy surrendering and starting the surrender animation should have been eliminated.

    6. The two default player infantry groups (originally called Alpha and Bravo) should not be renamed back to their default names when a new player joins the game in the squad leader role for those groups.

    7. The mission controller command "mc operation hide all" should be working.