Arma 3 Tactical Realism 1 - Strongpoints Mission Feedback

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    Here is a New Feedback Thread for our Strongpoints Mission system.
    We will post Release notes Here and Players may leave suggestions here as well.

    Hope you all enjoy the Strongpoints mission system and we look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions here.
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  2. JBJB


    Release Notes for Strongpoints version 1.0.42


    1. The map markers for the main operation have been changed. One red circle indicates the main operation. That is the area that the infantry must push into and hold in order to complete an operation successfully. Light armor will patrol inside the red ring and heavy armor will patrol outside of it.

    2. The rules of engagement have been altered for combat support units. They are permitted free fire only on enemy jets and on Tigrises.

    3. The rules of engagement have been altered for JTACs. Seeing a target with a drone is not sufficient for the JTAC to engage the target nor to call in support on that target. Either the JTAC must see the target directly or he must receive a support request from someone who can see the target.

    4. A flagpole should be seen at main operations near the communications center. It flies the CSAT flag during the operation. When CSAT has committed the last of its reserves, the flag will move up and down the flagpole to indicate the shifting balance of strength between CSAT and NATO forces in the operation. When the CSAT flag is at the top of the pole, it means that CSAT has 2:1 numerical superiority (or greater) over the NATO forces. When the flag is at the bottom, it means that NATO forces have 3:1 numerical superiority (or greater), triggering a win for the players. The flag remains after the end of an operation, with a win flying a NATO flag and a loss flying a CSAT flag. The flagpole cannot be destroyed.

    5. CSAT forces now request air defense support for the communications center. This means that players should see a Tigris near the communications center when Eagle-1 or Spectre-1 is up. Lesser air defense units will be encountered when other combat support assets are flying.

    6. CSAT has incorporated special forces patrols into their operations. The special forces soldiers are significantly more skilled than the garrisoned soldiers and can be identified by their distinctive shemagh head wraps.

    7. Mobilization of reinforcements should be completed within 3-8 minutes of the first CSAT soldier being killed. After that time, destroying the communications center should not reduce the number of reinforcements sent to the operation (because it is no longer being used to request mobilization of reinforcements).

    8. Only one Zamak transport should be left behind by CSAT forces at the end of a main operation.

    9. Stabilizing a wounded soldier should be possible while either kneeling or prone. Note that the animation used for stabilize is now the same as the animation used for revive. Medics should rely on their HUD to identify medics already on site.

    10. Buildings not originally part of the Altis map should now be indicated on the map. For example, Gori Outpost and Nychi.

    11. The delay between operations should now be 30-60 seconds, which is half the prior value.

    12. Marksmen should have access to all seven Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs).

    13. Snipers should have access to the MAR-10 .338 and Cyrus 9.3mm DMRs.

    14. Pilots should no longer have a parachute in their default loadout. Note that aircraft that support ejection provide a parachute at the time of ejection.

    15. Players who eject from paradrop-capable transports should automatically experience a static line paradrop. Those aircraft are the three Ghosthawks, the Huron, the infantry Blackfish and the Taru transport pod.

    16. The JTAC default loadout should have changed from "UAV operator" to "recon JTAC" (plus a UAV terminal).

    17. JTAC should be able to use a grenade launcher with smoke and flare rounds.

    18. The time acceleration that shortens nights to one hour should be less obvious during sunrise and sunset hours. This generally means that twilight periods will be longer in duration.

    19. Time of day at the beginning of a session should now be chosen randomly between sunrise and an hour before sunset.

    20. The Zamak transport found near the CSAT communications center should now be stocked with a modest selection of gear.

    21. The map's Server Information tabs (Rules of conduct, Unit callsigns) should now be found under the Briefing tab.

    22. When a player is stuck in the floating animation on top of a vehicle or terrain, pressing V should cause the player to jump up and forward more aggressively than normal.

    23. The Bobcats at base and on the carrier should be considered abandoned if no player is within 20 meters of them for 2 minutes. Once considered abandoned, they are returned to their starting position.

    Bug Fixes

    1. Excessive numbers of objects should no longer be created when trying to hide the grass under the special operations access road.

    2. The new, illuminating flares should be visible to all players.

    3. Airport letter and number decals should be visible on the map.

    4. Airport letter and number decals should no longer vanish due to damage.

    5. The Heavy Gunner and Rifleman should now be treated as infantry that are counted when determining victory in the red ring of the main operation.

    6. CSAT ground transports should be more reliable in dropping off their troops.

    7. Destroyed CSAT Zamak transports should be cleaned up properly.

    8. The special operations pilot should be able to fly each of the aircraft that they can capture on a mission.

    9. Green zone dry fire restrictions should be active at all times.

    10. Ghosthawks should no longer be able to sling the Taru pods.

    11. The message shown to solo Blackfoot and Blackfish players about the crew count restriction should now show the number of crew required.

    12. An exploit to Special Operations' forced first person mode should now be blocked.

    13. Air Patrol and Armor units should more reliably spawn during a main operation.

    14. Combat Support and Combat Support Assistant default loadouts should now be that of a pilot.
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  3. JBJB


    Release Notes for Strongpoints version 1.0.43

    Bug Fixes

    1. Green zone restrictions should be working again.

    2. The map should show soldier and vehicle icons on top of new buildings and map decals (such as the staging area numbers).
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  4. JBJB


    Release Notes for Strongpoints version 1.0.44

    Bug Fixes

    1. Green zone restrictions should be working again. Again.

    2. Ejecting from a helicopter to get the automatic static line paradrop should no longer create multiple parachutes.

    Many thanks to CSM Tully for rapidly updating the server with these important fixes.
  5. JBJB


    And thanks also to COL Treck, who actually updated the server for us (I'm so confused right now).

    But Tully is also a really nice guy :)
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  6. Kahna


    Are we transitioning to a hover carrier?

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    Lol :)
  8. Dakota.N

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    Yeah. Maybe it'll be the Avengers carrier next time and I'll put it at 10,000m up in the clouds
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  9. Forbes.P

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    Did the numbers change for smaller groups? We went from decently challenging to not challenging. Last night, with proper assets, we were able to clear a few AOs with 2 people. It felt like there were fewer enemies, fewer reinforcements. If you scaled it down for smaller forces, please don't! We still want to be challenged and at this time, it feels underwhelming at each AO. For smaller forces, I think scalability isn't necessary. Usually our biggest problem with small squads is a CAS pilot spawning in resources we are not equipped to handle. But the previous iterations there was more challenge. Or maybe we suddenly got a lot better.
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    Is the fixed seating of the armor crew intentional? I think instead of the Gunner and Commander being interchangeable, it should rather be the Driver and Commander. Driving the vehicle is a role that is frequently switched because of the monotony. I get how you dont want one-manned vehicles, but since the Commander seat is not given a weapon system this won't be a problem.
  11. JBJB


    The problem is that armor then has a clear incentive to operate in a static fashion. That is, the driver can have plenty of fun being the commander while the tank sits on a hill somewhere. I want to make sure that armor crews end up getting into all sorts of trouble in all sorts of different scenarios. Locking the driver into the driver's seat isn't a real solution, but it's better than the alternative.

    If we can find other incentives that will keep armor crews out of a stagnant pattern of gameplay then, yes, the driver and commander seats could be considered interchangeable. I may actually have a solution for that. If it works out, we should be able to allow the driver and commander to share.
  12. Rodahl.S

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    I fail to see how this is a problem ref. 7th Cavalry Armor FM booklet Chapter 5.
    This, however, does seem like an issue. It sounds like you want us to be reckless with the assets. I do appreciate the effort put into making tac 1 a fun experience, but it seems to defeat the purpose of TTPs.

    If it is an AI issue, i.e. the AI is incapable to pose a threat to an armored unit, I suppose it falls under a different topic, and I am definitely not qualified to make any reasonable suggestions there :)
  13. JBJB


    Show me the section in the booklet about respawning and we can talk.

    That's a glib way of observing that the purpose of warfare and the purpose of gaming are different.

    Not reckless, but certainly adaptive, creative and interactive. I want the armor game to be more exciting than a shooting gallery. Fire and maneuver. Real concern over whether you're going to survive a fight. Decisions about how to tackle a particular problem. Working effectively with other armor and with your logistics support. The armor game is far from where I'd like it to be because we just don't present enough challenges to the armor crews.

    Perhaps we should just accept that armor crews are going to sit on hills for now, and wait until we can script up some more interesting challenges that will make sitting on a hill effective only for a short time.

    That's a big part of it. The AI armor is incredibly, frustratingly unreliable. One time they'll sit and point their turret at an enemy vehicle within a couple hundred meters and never fire. Another time, they'll be told to go to a waypoint and just drive off in the opposite direction. A third time, they'll nail a vehicle a kilometer away that they shouldn't even be able to see.

    It's tough to challenge tankers using Bohemia's software.

    Actually, it's tough to do much of anything with Bohemia's software.
  14. Can we get the Tempest Transport at ao's instead of the Zamak? The zamak's slower than my grandma when you're not on level grounds.
  15. Hamm.C

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    I have a question. I am new to 7th Cav membership, but have been playing Arma for a long time. Is this the appropriate place to ask about the server Tac Realism Primary Ops 1? If not, where do I need to post?
    My issues/questions are-

    #1- Why do the mini guns on the ghosthawk NOT work. I understand that they are disabled, and I'm wondering why? I understand that they want this bird to be used as a transport and NOT as a gunship platform, but isn't there a better alternative than disabling it? How tactically realistic is that? Why not reduce the rate of fire or damage/hit points instead of totally disabling it. I don't see the "tactical realism" of sending an unarmed transport helicopter into a hot or cold LZ (in battle) unarmed since they have been doing this since aircav started in Vietnam. Makes zero sense to me.

    #2- Night flight / Weather conditions- Why in the world is this server not providing more night combat operations? WE EXTREMELY RARELY get to play in night conditions and/or weather conditions. How tactically realistic is it to NOT have night missions when night operations are vital in combat operations? I do not understand this at all, especially when part of Arma3's bread and butter is lighting, HDR, and night vision and NVG's. This makes zero sense to me since wars and battles aren't always fought on bright sunshiny days.

    #3- Is this server's rules and guidelines the same or similar to the ARMA3 tactical guide? Shouldn't we be following certain guidelines a little closer and actually adhering a little more closely with tactical/strategic guidelines?

    #4- And what kind of "tactical realism" is the Halo drop which basically beams people to the AO like Scotty from Star Trek? Why isn't there more of a "downside" to using this option since it allows players to bypass ACTUAL methods of transportation, like rotary or ground vehicles? I can understand allowing this perhaps if there isn't a transport helo available, but many players run right past the waiting transport helicopters in favor of the HALO chopper. This really sucks because when pilots and infantry wait for player(s) to arm at the arsenal only to watch them run past the helo to the HALO drop, it is frustrating to the pilots needing to provide timely transportation of infantry to the AO. HALO jump should be from aircraft, not a way to bypass or short-cut aircraft or ground vehicles for the sake of convenience or decreased risk.

    #5- How does one configure their joystick throttle to properly fly Condor? I understand the vectoring, but my throttles/collective does not work properly.

    I will say I LOVE the new AO red circle (no green) since it increases the challenge with fog of war. Plus people don't gripe, moan, and groan as much if they didn't get close enough to the green inside the AO and they might actually have to do a little humping.
  16. Hamm

    This will be my advice on configuring your throttle.

    To firstly clarify this covers Hotas X & my Primary Use Hotas Warthog Throttle and joy stick. Set up and configuration should be similar.

    My throttle (thrust) is analogue. I removed all keybindings. I increased sensitivity.

    I configured buttons on my Hotas on all air Asets to the same keys:

    Gear up and down
    Flaps (also vectoring angling)
    Auto hover (also vectoring on/off select switch)
    Radar on or off
    Radar distance.

    Happy to clarify more. However I would suggest opening a proper thread on this topic.
  17. Hamm.C

    Hamm.C Specialist Discharged

    Thank you guys very much....

    @Boondog, I also am using the Warthog HOTAS. I currently have my the right side of my dual throttle set for helicopter collective and I was thinking I could set the left side to airplane thrust. I have most all of my buttons configured in a way that matches my X-plane, DCS, FSX, etc. for some consistency/muscle memory, but this throttle issue is really getting on my nerves. Helo collective works perfectly, but I can't seem to get the Osprey collective/thrust right- it seems to want to go to 100% to 0% and something happens mid-way through the throttle.
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  18. The ospreys golden rules are as follows:

    Std Aeroplane flight model
    above 20m AGL the Nacelles rotate to standard flight model (no vectering enabled - std flight model) -
    Airspeed must be above 160kmh in order to not fall out of the sky.

    Vectored mode
    160kmh is your only rule.
    However to stable hover and manoeuvre - throttle must be at least over 70%>100% anything less is in a generalist term a death wish.

    here is a video i did over a year ago which is isnt professional quality but can maybe assist you?
  19. Disclaimer - My opinions below, nothing related to 7th

    First, I need to point out that HALO is not without cost, as you sit in the bird for a variable amount of time doing nothing.

    As to running past waiting transports, I have to point out that it normally, at least for me, has to do with not trusting the pilot, either in their flying or in having them do what you want them to.

    I cannot say how many times I have had a pilot pancake because they were trying to do barrel rolls or other shenanigans. Worse are the ones that don't have the good sense to abort and re-approach. Lastly, I have been shot out of the air on numerous occasions when the pilot decides that we need to get into the hot zone "to make sure we win".

    When I Know that the pilot is as much of a hazard as enemy troops, darned right I run past.
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  20. JBJB


    They have no useful role in the mission system. They can't be used on the way to the fight, yet players love to fire them off "because". Once at the landing zone, they can't be used to hit anything, and the CSAT don't suppress. So they are primarily an annoyance to other players. We would have removed the gun geometry from the model, but that's not available to us.

    Note that there is a long history of having those guns active, and I can recall them being a regular nuisance (even after they stopped lagging the game). I can think of only one time where their use qualified as "realistic".

    In our experience, the majority of players dislike them. The mission system is set to start a session at a random time between sunrise and an hour before sunset. So a six hour session will extend into night about a third of the time. If we lapse into night, we accelerate the clock so that we have one hour of inky blackness. The periods of dawn and dusk take place in real time, producing about 2 hours of twilight and darkness.

    This is not the HALO system that you'll find in various other mission systems. You should try it to find out what it's like.

    I'll close with the observation that Tactical Realism 1 is not 7th Cavalry proper. It cannot be a place of hardcore systems. It's supposed to allow a bunch of disorganized strangers to enjoy the fiction of being soldiers. If they have fun with the basics that we've assembled, they then talk to a 7th Cavalry recruiter about the possibility of joining up. That's where they're going to go hardcore into military realism.

    So we have the various organizational crutches. They primarily exist to take up the slack when those disorganized strangers don't have the skills or the enthusiasm to get the job done (or when we've got trolls and griefers online). These crutches include HALO, for times when the transport pilots can't get it done. Crutches like showing each medic where downed soldiers and other medics are because there is no command structure to task medics effectively. There are others, and they're all present because the players on Tac 1 can't be expected to work together in any particular way. They just show up and play the game. The systems attempt to guide them towards interesting cooperative play experiences. In contrast, 7th Cavalry shows each and every player how to behave in ARMA when engaging in military realism with them.
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