Arma 3 Rotary-Wing Training in November

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    The S3 ArmA Aviation Center of Excellence is conducting Rotary flight training in the month of November. This training is open to all troopers of the Regiment, regardless of MOS. We will be running the Ground School, Basic Rotary Wing and Advanced Rotary Wing courses. While these courses must be completed in order, they may be done over any period of time that suits the individual student - there is no time-out period. After completing each course, the student must pass each evaluation one on one with an Instructor Pilot.

    November Schedule

    Ground School - 04 November 2017, 1430Z
    Basic Rotary-Wing - 04 November 2017, 1630Z
    Advanced Rotary-Wing - 11 November 2017, 1530Z

    Ground School

    Ground School is common to both rotary and fixed-wing aviators. It is 1 hour long and covers the following topics:
    • Flight basics.
    • Airfield familiarization.
    • Radio procedures.
    • Aeronautical navigation.
    • Aircrew procedures.
    • Flying the circuit.
    • Landing procedures.
    • Emergency procedures.

    Basic Rotary-Wing

    Basic Rotary-Wing is 1.5 hours long and covers the following topics:
    • Pre-flight and start-up.
    • Taxi and parking.
    • Takeoff.
    • Flight Maneuvers, and flight levels
    • Landing.
    • Formations.
    • Emergencies

    Advanced Rotary-Wing

    Advanced Rotary-Wing is 2 hours long and covers the following topics:
    • Flight Planning.
    • Sling Loading.
    • Air Assault.
    • Bullseye.
    • Combat Search and Rescue.
    • Recon and Flight Escort.
    • 9 Lines.
    • Rotary Combat.
    The S3 ArmA Aviation Center of Excellence is always looking for new instructor pilots. Those interested should contact @Walsh.D for more information.
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    M r Walsh

    Was away when this was running, will there be another run in December?
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    @Walsh.D I'll tag him so he see's this I know he's been tied up lately. Usually they alternate Rotary wing (helicopter) one month and Fixed wing the next from what I understand but its possible they'll put on one in December. I know I missed the October course as I joined 7th Cav after it had already been completed but then they put on another course in November so it can and does happen.
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    Talk to your SL Mr O'Duill, he is working on scheduling a special course for all yall zoom and boom guys to attend :)
  5. Is it possible to attend without being an actual member of the 7th?