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ARMA 3 Mods to help boost imersion and realism

Discussion in 'Public Suggestion Box' started by Lamb.J, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. Lamb.J

    Lamb.J B/1-7 Section Leader Staff Sergeant Active Member

    The following list is a list of mods that I have explored in-depth while on the STEAM Workshop as well as the ARMAholic website. I feel that these mods would bring more to the unit as well as give us more missions to do featuring new assets, vehicles, weapons, and more.

    ARMA 3 STEAM Workshop Mods:
    • CUP Units: This adds more factions to the ARMA 3 editor including British Forces and more Insurgent forces to the game. Would be perfect for other groups that simulate British Armed forces and other groups looking to train or engage.
    • CUP Vehicles: This adds a multitude of vehicles to the game from multiple countries (Minus Germany) including the AAV-7A1, M-60 Patton tank, LAV-25, F-35 fighter, Challenger 1 and Challenger 2 tanks and more.
    • Underseige Patches and Insignias: For character customization, this adds a total of 4,525 unit patches from all over the globe for various divisions. Patches can be edited into UCP colored, Desert colored and more to fit uniforms.
    • Hellenic Armed Forces (HAFM) Navy: This adds a multitude of assault boats and naval Warcraft to the game for water based battles and coastal bombardment. It also provides interaction such as landing platform for Helicopters and targeting computers for assault guns and missiles. (NOTE: Requires HAFM Naval weapons mod to work)
    • USS Iowa BB-61: This mod adds the USS Iowa class battleship into the game for naval support and artillery bombardment. Moveable and fully armed with all naval guns. And while the Iowa class was decommissioned, I feel it would be fun to bring it out of retirement for a large naval battle.
    • (Discontinued) Burnes Armory Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC): While this mod is no longer updated, all aspects of it run perfectly smooth. Perfect for moving vehicles ashore and for beach invasions provided with armored support.
    • Bloodlust: This mod adds realistic blood physics to the game to add a hint of realism to the undeniable horrors that come with war.
    • USS Nimitz Carrier: The USS Nimitz Nuclear class carrier would provide an excellent seaport for overseas mission. Such as deploying to another country and using its many features to simulate an actual U.S Carrier (I.E Briefing rooms with slideshows, Aircraft takeoff and landings, bunks along with personalized lockers with nametags, etc.)
    • X-Cam Taunus (Ver. 1.1): A very beautiful map set in Germany, with many urban areas, open fields and a massive airport hub center with boarding ramps, cargo carriers and more.
    • BWMOD: This mod adds modern German units, weapons and vehicles into the game as part of the German Bundeswehr I.e the armed forces of Germany. Perfect for a hypothetical scenario involving a Russian invasion on German soil leading to U.S forces to work alongside German Forces to regain control. (Perfect for the Taunus Map)
    ARMA 3 Armaholic Mods
    • United States Air Force: This mod adds all current U.S Aircraft into the game. This includes bombers, Globemaster aircraft, all modern and current U.S Fighters and more. Would be great for Aviation purposes.

    Any other mods I discover I will update with. I feel that these mods would greatly enhance performance and mechanics in-game as well as add to the realism of it all.
  2. Carter.D

    Carter.D Major

    While we always appreciate new suggestions and welcome them all, I can answer for almost all of your suggestions.

    For all the navy/marines/Air Force mods, we are a U.S. Army unit. We are not the marines, navy, or Air Force. These mods do not fit with the theme we have.

    Taunus is a horrific map. Horribly optimized and the urban warfare is some of the worst. We had it for a time and it did not perform well in any scenario.

    We do not need a mod for patches. Most companies, platoons, squads have their own patch and we have a XML for the unit itself. We do not play multiple different units, we represent ourselves.

    My biggest suggestion back to you is to actually spend some time in this community and actually experience what we do. You have not even scratched the surface of what this unit does.

    Thank you for your suggestions!
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2018
  3. Lamb.J

    Lamb.J B/1-7 Section Leader Staff Sergeant Active Member

    I figured these mods wouldn't fit into how the unit runs, as it is a cavalry unit. The suggestion was more for aesthetic purposes or background AI to make it seem as if there are other units we are working with or even other countries. Or for example if other units join us for ops (I'm not sure if Joint ops happen here, I'm still fairly new) it would be more for their accommodation.
    But I appreciate the feedback sir and I look forward to diving into the world of 7th Cav