Airborne Heavy Weapons Platoon (11C) Needs You!

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    The 11C military occupational specialty (MOS) in the US Army is Indirect Fire Infantryman. They are assigned to mortar units.

    In the 7th Cavalry Regiment, the 11 Charlie is an Airborne Weapons Infantryman assigned to 3rd Platoon (Weapons Platoon), Charlie Company, the airborne and air assault company. The weapons infantryman is a highly trained, highly versatile specialist, expert in the use of personal weapons, crew-served weapons and explosives. Their role in training and operations varies significantly, performing tasks such as anti-armor and anti-personnel ambushes, route clearance, demolitions, obstacle breaching, indirect fire using mortars and as the company heavy weapons support element in assault and defense operations.

    The 11 Charlies get to showcase their knowledge and skills in a variety of settings. Our regularly run large-scale operations often include a role for them. Our monthly company operations feature a very specific role for the weapons platoon that is often critical to the successful completion of the mission. The Charlie Company training map has extensive areas for training on demolitions, mine clearance, crew-served weapons and AT weapons for troopers to become proficient in all their specialties.

    In summary, where a regular infantryman is a specialist in personal weapons, assault and defense, the weapons infantryman is a specialist in all aspects of combat support that is critical to the effective functioning of an airborne infantry company and the combined arms battalion.

    If this interests you, talk to a recruiter in our Teamspeak today!
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