Air Cav Vietnam Update

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    Air Cav Vietnam Update

    Delta Company plays Arma 3 Air Cav Vietnam, using ACE, Unsung and various other modifications. Fight the Vietcong and NVA using era specific weapons, uniforms, equipment and procedures in the jungles of Vietnam and Cambodia! See a list of the mods we use in our Steam Workshop Collection.


    Starting 02 MAR 18, Delta Company will be running Friday Night Flashpoint operations. These will happen most Friday nights at approximately 7pm eastern and are on the public server, open to public players. Members should keep an eye out for the Operations postings here. The Company also runs other public operations on our public server and private operations.


    The ACV Aviation Training Center recently rolled out their new Advanced Fixed-Wing Qualification Course covering:
    • Flight Planning.
    • Air-to-Air Combat.
    • Air-to-Ground Combat.
    • Radar.
    • 6 Line CAS Request.
    Other classes offered are:
    • Ground School.
    • Basic Rotary-Wing Flight Qualification Course.
    • Basic Fixed-Wing Flight Qualification Course.
    Members should keep an eye out for class postings here.

    Click here for a full list of all courses offered in the Cav.

    Interested in Joining?

    The Cav offers a structured, Milsim environment with weekly required practices with your assigned squad. Speak to a recruiter on our teamspeak server or go straight to an enlistment application by clicking here.
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