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Addressing Concerns

Discussion in 'Hotline bulletin board' started by Kleinman.H, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Kleinman.H

    Kleinman.H Regimental Executive Officer General Active Member

    Secondary Billets:
    Sec Ops - Officer In Charge, JAG - Chief Judge Advocate General

    So let me take the time to respond to this myself. I had a fairly great conversation today with SSG Geki.T that was highly productive and eye opening I think on both our parts in varying ways.

    First, lets talk about what my actual job is in the Regimental Staff.
    As Executive Officer:
    1. Provide advice to the GOA on all matters
    2. Provide consent on various matters decided at the General Staff level
    3. Resolve other tasks as may be assigned by the GOA, but do not fall within #1 & 2
    As JAG:
    1. Ensure conduct of Court Martial in accordance with policy and procedure
    2. Ensure general processing of other disciplinary actions follow policy and procedure.
    3. Ensure that other Regimental Staff have the support they need as NCS & ART15 materials funnel through other staff members before becoming a court martial.
    I actually don't have a day to day portfolio in the regular operations. Nor do I have any direct reports. This is how the XO function has largely worked since before I got the job.

    Since the entirety of my role involves speaking with and collaborating with the General Staff, and we all found discord a much easier means of back and forth communication long ago, I'll be openly honest and say I largely ended up ignoring teamspeak. This doesn't mean that I don't do what my role entails, quite the contrary.

    I've been actively involved in pretty much every discussion regarding
    -- new games
    -- how we spend money
    -- how we save money
    -- major promotions
    -- disciplinary actions
    -- code of conduct and general orders adjustments
    -- the addition & later removal - re addition and later removal again of the 'boots and saddles/private lounges'
    -- calls for aid
    -- reorgs
    -- etc

    It's just that my focus is on listening to the general staff, and providing a sounding board and private counsel to the GOA.

    Day to day operations and routine interactions with staff are the purview of the Chief of Staff, and I've largely been asked to stay out of that space, to allow them the freedom to move. When they have questions on policy / concerns, we have historically hashed those out on discord.

    Rarely, I'm asked to step into the department spaces on account of being a SME in a given area. I did that recently with Recruit Training following a change over, and we made some slight changes after one of those reviews, addressing some concerns and getting staffing made available for one of our new games, Hell Let Loose.

    But all that happens behind the scenes.

    When an announcement needs to be made, largely it comes from the GOA in his capacity or from the Chief of Staff in theirs as it falls into their portfolio.

    As for Regimental CSC's, there's been a few factors that have driven my absence. Not many people know this, but for the better part of 2017 & 2018, I was grossly medicated on narcotics due to issues with repeat kidney stones ( and later an unrelated back issue ) that persisted through several surgeries and in patient hospital stays. The decision was made, that if I was awake, not to show up on teamspeak as I had issues following conversations and often would slur.

    Thankfully, they managed to get me sorted last year and I've been healthy since. However I've been doing my best to make up for the time I lost with my son, and do my best to read him his bedtime stories and put him to sleep. He goes to bed around 7:30 to 8:30pm during the CSC window. I'd worked with the GOA on this, and where there are action items, the Chief of Staff flags them up after the meeting, where we can dig into them a bit more after the fact, but I appreciate this is far from ideal.

    Let me then take a moment having tried to explain what my actual role is, and the work I participate in that isn't readily seen ( something that SSG Geki wasn't aware of, and appreciated knowing more about ) to accept some things.

    • I appreciate that the majority of what I do, while important, is stuff that members will never see
    • I appreciate that because I don't make much visible forum activity anymore, and do alot of my work through private discord channels, it's very easy to present the appearance that i'm not here at all, have no involvement and literally checked out ages ago.
    • I did not appreciate this until someone spoke to it, and I regret that it didn't come up sooner.
    • I realise that because of how we've decided to parcel out responsibilities in GenStaff, not having a public remit means more than others I need to try to be more visible in the games to counteract this.
    • I realise that while my decision to carve out the 1830-2030 CEST block for my child in order to catch up on lost time is sacred, not being present at the Command Staff Calls, and giving the Company Leadership the opportunity to raise their questions directly to me rather than through the GOA is untenable.
    • To this point, I've agreed with the Chief of Staff this morning to move the upcoming CSC to 19:00Z, and a future meeting to a an alternative day as in Sept I'm stuck working till 21:00Z at which point I wont be able to get on teamspeak when I get home at 22:00Z as it will be around midnight and my wife will already be soundly asleep ( I hope ).
    Obviously I can't rewind the clock, I think for our part, as the General Staff is in a good speaking relationship and we speak each other almost daily, this largely perception issue slipped under our radar as a whole. Aware of it now, I'll put in the honest work to carve out time to be accessible to general membership, and hope that this will resolve the concerns, and repair any injury folks feel might have been felt.% />
  2. Geki.T

    Geki.T C/1-7 Section Leader Staff Sergeant Active Member

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    S7 - Arma 3 SOI Instructor, S7 - Arma 3 ACE Instructor, S5 - Livestream Lead, S3 - Arma 3 Operations Staff, S3 - Arma 3 Scripting Staff, S3 - Arma 3 Pub Operations Staff, S7 - Arma 3 TAS Instructor, S3 - Arma 3 Developer Staff, S5 - Arma Public Relations
    Thank you for the discussion today, General. I think through it, we both got a small grasp as to what a larger part of the 7th is feeling right now. I, much like others here in the 7th, hope to see a continued presence from all of Regimental Staff, in the hopes that we can better get to know all of you and emulate the behaviors set out by the leadership of the brotherhood. Thank you, sir.
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  3. Morrow.J

    Morrow.J 1-7 SP Member Corporal Active Member

    Transparency like this I believe is a healthy thing for understanding and communication in both directions and I for one, appreciate it being addressed in detail. We need more of this, and this is a great start!
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  4. Tharen.R

    Tharen.R 1-7 Commander Lieutenant Colonel Active Member

    Secondary Billets:
    S7 - ODS Lead, S7 - Officer In Charge

    I think your message will be well received, so thank you! It's not for me or anyone else's place to judge you, but you've inspired me to speak from the heart about my own experience as a leader in the 7th Cavalry. I'm addressing this to anyone in general terms.

    One of the most important things that I have learned from the Cav through taking ODS that really resonated with me immensely, is something that I strive to uphold within myself and others in my role as an officer and leader here. And that's simply to always strive to be present. If you are not present and available to your members, then you have no idea what is going on within your Squad, or your Platoon, or your Company, or whatever level you serve. If you don't know what's going on, you cannot possibly make informed decisions and solve problems as a leader. And if you can't make informed decisions or solve problems, you cannot accomplish the many responsibilities entrusted to you as a leader. Even in the past in a Company XO role, I always did my best to be present and available to anyone within my Company so that in my capacity as XO, I could give my OIC trusted and informed counsel about any Company and Cav related matters. Being present is a big responsibility, but it goes with the territory of the jobs being entrusted to us and to the membership that we serve. Everyone's circumstances are different, but my advice to any leader here in the Cav is to always strive to be present as much as reasonably possible! Again, this is something that I learned through my experience in the Cav, helped me grow as a leader, and is a life lesson I even take with me outside of the Cav the best I can. I'll always be thankful to the Cav for that lesson!

  5. Thumper.N

    Thumper.N Reservist Active Member

    @Kleinman.H - Thanks for posting boss but a lot of us that have been around know that you do, and have done, a lot of things for the Cav. Clarifying what your role is and what you do is helpful for folks that may not understand. Well done sir.
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  6. Larouche.Z

    Larouche.Z 2-7 Executive Officer Lieutenant Colonel Active Member

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    S1 - Milpacs AO Lead
    @Kleinman.H You’re doing just fine. Feel better, and hit me up for a game sometime.
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  7. Carter.D

    Carter.D Major

    I’m not going to sit here and kiss your rear. I appreciate you addressing the concerns people have had. I do look forward to your return, your iron accountability hammer is dearly needed.
  8. Kleinman.H

    Kleinman.H Regimental Executive Officer General Active Member

    Secondary Billets:
    Sec Ops - Officer In Charge, JAG - Chief Judge Advocate General
    Didn't expect anyone to kiss my rear, and I'm not returning -- most of the statement was to explain, I'm here just doing my real work which isn't ever going to be visible to the majority of people, unless Chance decides to take a vacation.

    Like I said though, I'll make more of an effort to be 'seen'.
  9. Childs.J

    Childs.J Corporal Retired Member

    With all due respect to your previous work in the cav, and having had a child and surgery myself in the last year, I think this doesn't adequately cover what the concern was. Any member can look at a name and see how long it's been since they even viewed the forums, and when a high ranking member of the staff go literally months without logging in, it's a concern to many. Viewing the forum time to time is Important to seeing how the cav is feeling instead of only hearing from a few people. Again, I understand life happens, I have a 15 month old, I work near 70hrs a week some weeks, I'm in the process of remodeling a home to move into in a few weeks, but logging into the forums for a few moments from my phone sitting in my truck, or the bathroom, or where ever, isn't too hard to do. I've been here since 2013, the highest I've gotten is an sl, but I've never believed in pulling punches or sugarcoating things to people above or below me so I apologize if this is impolite, but it's how many feel
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  10. Vermeulen.A

    Vermeulen.A Major Retired Member

    Dont you worry guys. Mr Kleinman is like big brother. He wathes your every move and if you really need him, hes there.
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  11. Kleinman.H

    Kleinman.H Regimental Executive Officer General Active Member

    Secondary Billets:
    Sec Ops - Officer In Charge, JAG - Chief Judge Advocate General
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