ACV Long-Range Reconnaissance Patrol Program Rolls Out!

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    ACV Long-Range Reconnaissance Patrol

    In a remarkably short time, and primarily due to the efforts of our very own WO1.Grimm, the Long-Range Reconnaissance Patrol program is being rolled out in Delta Company. The Long-Range Reconnaissance Patrol program consists of three courses and a final evaluation that puts candidates through their paces, testing them on the material learned in the courses.

    The courses are being run by the ACV Infantry Training Center and are as follows:
    • RECONDO - Recon Trooper Course
    • Designated Marksman
    • Explosives Specialist
    Thanks to everyone that put work and effort into the courses, they have all been run and have been very well received!

    Well done Delta Co!

    Delta Company plays Arma 3 with the Unsung Vietnam Mod. For more information, join us in Teamspeak and look for a Recruiter!
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