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7th Cav - Discord Sync

Discussion in 'Public Announcements' started by Grgich.A, Apr 22, 2018.

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  1. Grgich.A

    Grgich.A Major General Retired Member

    Hello there everyone,

    As you may have heard, we will be making the Discord Server official coming the 1st of May. The Discord server has been around for several years now, and has been a great place for members of all denominations and services to chat and meet one another outside of the traditional Teamspeak 3 or Xenforo Forums (this).

    To which point, we have purchased a discord integration that will synchronize discord user groups with that of the forums (milpacs). To synchronize your discord account with the forums, please go to https://7cav.us/discord/ and follow the instructions there. Your discord login details are not stored by us, and are retained by Discord. This is just a normal ‘sign in with X’ option.

    Once signed in, you’ve done everything you need to. Discord Server roles will be given to you via the bot, and new channels may appear for your perusal.

    You will have also noticed other new channels appearing. The bot will also be auto-posting links to useful threads, such as the operations forum, within designated channels. This is designed to facilitate easy notifications and sharing of upcoming content for the memberbase.

    Please bear with us over the upcoming few weeks as we iron out any kinks or hitches with the software. We aim to have everything stable and working as intended for May 1st, the Cav’s official D(iscord)-day.

    Note: Discord is also added to the resources tab
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Thread Status:
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