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Tactical Realism 2 Modpack Update - Outdated

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Arma Modpack Update: 2Q 2021

Release Date:

Attached to this post is a Zip file containing presets for tactical Realism 2 with both required and required + optional mods. Import the preset into your launcher and download the mods required.

Public Modpack​

For the public modpack our primary focus was on reducing the overall size. We hope that this will help to make the server more accessible to new players as well as increase performance by removing some of the feature creep that's taken place over the past several years. It's worth noting that this will also come with a new set of missions that we hope will reinvigorate life on Tac2. Many of the nice to have utilities have been made optional to allow for players that wish to benefit from them while not requiring a large number of mods for those that would prefer not to.

Tac 2 Steam Workshop Collection

Mod Worksheet CAVPACK V5-1.png

If you are a 7th Cavalry member looking for more information on the private modpack see the 1-7 Modpack Announcement. If you are looking to give feedback see the Tactical Realism 2 Feedback Thread.


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