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Welcome to the 7th Cavalry - Recruit Guide

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Welcome to the 7th Cavalry

Take your time to inspect the enlistment Form. It's important that you try and input each field correctly, as it will save our staff many man hours down the line

Choosing Your Name

When you are choosing a name to enlist in the 7th Cavalry, you must choose a realistic forename and surname. This does not necessarily have to be your real forename and surname, but whichever names you choose to enlist with must be plausible.

You may NOT choose any of the following:

Historically important names
Cartoon names
Names of importance from novels, television etc
Religious names

An example of an appropriate name would be
Forename: Charlie
Surname: Smith

An example of an inappropriate name would be
Forename: Golden
Surname: Ranger

Finding your Steam ID

Step 1.
Open the steam application. Navigate to your profile via clicking on your username in the top left Label menu. Notice the highlighted URL in the example below:


Step 2.
If your URL includes the long numerical value between profiles/ and home, then this number is your 64-bit Steam ID. If not, you have set a custom URL. Go to Step 3.

Step 3.
Go to Steamid.xyz and paste in the entire URL collected during Step 1. and click submit. Your page will reload to something similar to the following:

Example image

The highlighted section contains your 64-bit Steam ID.

Setting up Team Speak 3

To download Teamspeak 3, please visit the following link: Click Here

Which download do I choose?

It just depends on which operating system you are currently running which is either Windows or Mac OS X. If you are currently running Windows it will depend on which running a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system. If you are currently running Windows 7, you can find out by clicking start and right clicking computer and then properties. Look for the system type it should list which one you are currently using.

What is the 7th Cavalry Teamspeak 3, and how do I connect to the 7th Cavalry server?

The 7th Cavalry Teamspeak 3 server is a private server owned and operated by the 7th Cavalry Regiment and it is used for communicating while in-game, meetings, training and a bunch more other things. When connecting to our server you will need the address and password which can be acquired many different ways. If you are a new recruit you will be given in your welcome letter. If you are a public player you can get the information from one of our servers from the broadcast or by asking a 7th Cavalry player.

How to connect to the 7th Cavalry Server:
  • Click on Bookmarks, and then select Manage Bookmarks (Keyboard shortcut: Control+B)
  • Click on Add Bookmark and add the following information
  • Label: 7th Cavalry Teamspeak 3
  • Address: TS3.7cav.us
  • Nickname: Lastname.FirstInitial (Example: Tidrow.D)
  • Password: Refer above for the password
What is Push-to-Talk (PTT) and how do I configure it?
Push-to-Talk is a method of having conversation or talking on half-duplex communication lines, including two-way radios, using a momentary button to switch from voice reception mode to transmit mode.

How to configure Push-to Talk (PTT):
  • Launch Teamspeak 3
  • On Windows, click the menu bar. Select Settings and then Options
  • On macOS, click on the application name. Select preferences
  • Click on the Capture tab on the right side of the window
  • Select Push-To-Talk and then hit a button to set your hotkey.
  • Hit Apply and OK to save and then test it out.
  • Note: Capture Mode and Capture Device will vary depending on your headset
What is a Phonetic Nickname and how do I configure it?

Phonetic Nickname is the name that describes your rank and your enlisted name when you join a channel. Without phonetic nickname when you join a channel it would just state the name you connect. For example, my login name is Beckett.A and when I enter a channel it would say Beckett.A has joined the channel. When I join a channel it would state Corporal Tidrow D has joined the channel.

How to configure a Phonetic Nickname:
  • Click on the Self menu
  • Select the Set Phonetic Nickname option
  • Enter your rank spelled out followed by your last name and your first initial
  • Example: Corporal Tidrow D
What are Teamspeak 3 Identities and how do I back them up?

Teamspeak 3 identities are a type of authentication system which assign an unique ID which the 7th Cavalry uses to identify it's members. The Teamspeak 3 policy states you must use your identity assigned to you at all times, which include if you do a fresh install of either Teamspeak or your operating system, on a different computer, or while on your phone. You can do this by exporting your current identity profile and saving it somewhere safe like an email, flash drive, or even Dropbox.

How to export your Teamspeak 3 Identity:
  • Open up Teamspeak 3
  • Click on the Settings menu and then Identities (Keyboard shortcut: Control+I)
  • Click on the Default profile to make sure it's highlighted
  • Click Export and Yes on the warning pop-up
  • Save the profile to a secure area
  • Make multiple backups such as an email attachment to yourself, thumb drive or Dropbox
  • Your Teamspeak ID is used to assign your permission groups via our automated system, we will not assign them for you
  • Notice, if someone gets a hold of your identity save they have the same access you do. (IE. Admin Access)
Important Teamspeak 3 Links:
Group Identification:
- Assigned to the 7th Cavalry Recruiters who handle the recruiting.
[DI] - Assigned to the 7th Cavalry Drill Instructors who handle the process of indoctrinating recruits.
[MP] - Assigned to the 7th Cavalry Military Police who administrate all of our gameservers and Teamspeak

Joining the Discord Server

To download Discord, please visit the following link: Click Here

What is Discord?

Discord is a social application that is supported on web/desktop/mobile. Whilst it does support voice and video communication, we use it mainly as a text communication so that you can keep in touch with the community when not actively at your main computer.

Our Servers

We maintain several discord servers, but the key one to join is our core server. This is where all members congregate, and you'll find links to the other servers there as well. All our supported games have dedicated channels there which are also open to the public. So feel free to share the server URL with your friends!

Getting Server Permissions

During this forum migration, the automatic permission system is temporarily disabled. For now, just write a message in the forum-sync-help channel asking for your permissions. A cav member will help point you in the right direction.
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