24-Hour Members Only Veteran's Day Arma 3 Operation

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    24 Hour Members-Only Mission - Operation Redemption

    When: Saturday, 10 NOV 18 1600Z until Sunday, 11 NOV 18 1600Z

    What: This operation will be the finale to our fundraising campaign benefiting https://stackup.org. It is designed to end at 11am eastern on Veteran's Day. Click here to donate!

    AO: Afghanistan (Lythium)


    After a crushing defeat to Taliban forces in Northern Afghanistan in late summer of 2018, ISIS forces in western Pakistan regrouped, and are again posing a significant threat to Afghan Forces and civilians in the region. It is believed the ISIS cell in the area is commanded by a Pakistani General who has pulled his forces out of the area, and given ISIS control of an airfield along the Afghan / Pakistan border. With limited forces in the area the ANA and ANP are quickly losing ground to ISIS, and require assistance.

    The ISIS cell’s position behind the Pakistan Border, using lessons learned from the Taliban, is giving it a key advantage, as coalition forces are unable to cross the border into Pakistan in pursuit. They conduct hasty attacks, then withdraw back to consolidate.

    Meanwhile, ISIS’ control of the region around its stronghold has created a humanitarian crisis, as civilians attempt to flee, are being captured, tortured, and killed.

    In response, an Enhanced, Long-Range, Armored and Mechanized Company Team from elements of Regional Command South (1st Cavalry Division) and the 9th Air and Space Expeditionary Task Force have been organized and sent to the region to stop ISIS’, and push them back across the Pakistani border.


    The mission of the Company Team is to support ANA/ANP/ANASOC forces in the region with blocking ISIS advance, pushing ISIS forces back across the Pakistan border, and keeping them from returning.

    OPORD: Click Here (PDF)

    Members go here to sign up: https://7cav.us/threads/operation-arma-3-24-hr-operation-redemption-10nov18-1600z.40993/#post-256180

    Join the Cav now https://7cav.us/enlist to participate in this and the many other activities we run on a weekly basis.
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