2018 S3 ARMA Operations Updates

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    2018 S3 Arma Operations Update

    Welcome to 2018! We in the S3 Department have been pretty silent lately getting ready to roll out a bunch of improvements to your operations experience. In 2017, the Arma Operations Staff put out a whopping 71 operations, an average of almost 1.5 per week, the highest number in the history of the Cav. We've talked to a lot of people, done some surveys and consequently, we are ready to implement some great changes! Our focus this year will be on maintaining operational tempo and improving the quality of our operations. We are focusing on several key areas of improvement; immersion, leadership, planning and scope. On to the details! Please note, these changes do not pertain to ACV, they are for the APEX companies.

    Modpack Changes

    The new modpack is rolling out Tuesday, 23 Jan 17. The following is a list of modpack additions:
    • JSRS optional on TAC 2 and the training servers.
    • Rolling out 06 Feb 17 - Advanced Combat Radio Environment 2 (ACRE 2).
    • Enhanced Movement.
    • Advanced Towing.
    • EOD Flag Mod (Made by our very own SGT.Ivanoff).
    • FIR F-15.
    • New maps - Mogadishu, Fallujah, N'Djenahoud, Prei Khmaoch Luong.

    New ACE Settings

    Part of the ACE update that came out over furlough introduced a new Night Vision Goggle system. As many of you have seen, on default settings, it's not great. We've tweaked the settings to come up with a pretty good compromise between reality and fun gameplay. Here's a comparison:

    Another key ACE setting is stamina. We have adjusted the stamina settings to allow you to move further on level ground and regain stamina faster when down near zero. It will be a noticeable difference. Weight and terrain steepness will still cost heavily for stamina.


    We have an all new cScripts version for Arma this year thanks to the hard work of CPL.Brostrom! cScripts is the script framework that handles things such as loadouts, medical and engineer permissions, box inventories, vehicle inventories and other in-game features. The significant changes that affect you are:
    • MOS-specific loadouts - each Company or MOS has its own loadouts and configurable starter crates that are specific to its needs. i.e. Medical, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Heavy Weapons, Ranger and Sniper (coming soon™).
    • In-game checklists for common procedures, i.e. Call For Fire, Airborne Drops, Radio Reports such as MEDEVAC request etc.


    • Built-in jump script - CPL.Brostrom has designed and implemented a jump script that is built-in to cScripts. It is automatically added to the C130's so mission makers are not required to do anything to ensure it is available.
    • Built-in Get Out Left/Right for various rotary aircraft - This is added automatically to the aircraft now.
    • Custom 7th Cavalry Zeus Modules - turn any flag into a Cav flag, upgrade medical permissions to doctor, create a mission starter crate specific to the company/mos being used and create operation re-supply crates that can be slingloaded or loaded into vehicles/aircraft. All from Zeus.
    • Optional sights added to all boxes. M152 CCO, Elcan M152 and the combination PEQ-15/Flashlight combo.

    Improvements to Operations

    In line with feedback we have received over the past months, we intend to implement some changes to the way we organize, plan and run operations. The key issues identified were leadership and immersion. In addressing the problem of leadership we noted the following:

    Normally what we see in operations is 2 under-strength platoons plus supporting elements. Where we run into problems is in filling out all the leadership positions required to make this work which results in a less than desirable outcome in a variety of ways. Also, we would rarely see 4 full squads in a platoon. We would see 2-3 under-strength squads per platoon. Again, this results in a less than desirable outcome.

    We also have problems with having enough officers available to properly pre-plan operations. This results in either last-minute or negligible planning in a significant number of operations. Regardless of any of our expectations, the reality is we don't currently have enough officers to staff and run company-sized operations.

    Another consequence of attempting to staff leadership positions for a company-sized element is that we do a poor job of staffing and carrying out all the important background and logistical activities. As just one example, without people assigned to coordinate and set up LZ's for resupply, medevac and re-insertion, we get helicopters just landing anywhere in haphazard fashion. Meaning, while we may be doing milsim from the perspective of an infantry squad, we aren't doing it for the rest of the people in the op which means they don't get to use their training and procedures to full effect.

    With respect to immersion, the common feedback throughout is that doing the same old drop in, raid the base and wait for the QRF has gotten old. There's more to it, but that's essentially the TLDR.

    Having said all of that, we will be making the following changes:
    • Limiting the scope of operations to a full platoon-size maneuver element plus supporting elements, thereby limiting the number of leadership slots required.
    • Adding a logistics team and leadership to operations to coordinate sustainment activities, call-sign APOLLO.
    • Implementing a 3 month campaign based around a notional situation in a foreign country where the campaign will develop from deployment in-country to mission complete. These missions will run weekly, 3 weeks of a month. The country will be based on a real-world area comprised of 3-4 Arma maps. The first campaign will begin on 10 February. More info on this coming out shortly.
    • Adding mission planning missions as official operations where a TOC will meet on the server with the OIC, an Operations Officer and NCO, a UAV operator, air controller and aviation assets as required to conduct reconnaissance and planning activities. These will not be run for every operation.
    • Adding MOS specific mini-operations as part of the campaign structure to allow specialty MOS' carry out tasks they wouldn't normally get to do in large-scale operations, i.e. MEDEVAC. These missions will be run on off-peak hours and/or days.

    Other Improvements

    Other improvements we are making are as follows:
    • Tools for mission makers such as operation templates by type, i.e. airborne, stryker, armor etc.
    • A calendar for TAC 2 where Zeus operators can sign up for certain days/times so that players can know when their favorite Zeus will be on.
    • Public operations using regular map templates similar to private operations.

    With respect to all the changes to operations noted above, it's important to note that we are going to test all of this in the first campaign run-through. At the end of that campaign, we will review and revise as necessary. There will also still be room for off-campaign missions and fun missions.

    Other projects we are continuing to develop or are on our list for sometime this year are:
    • MCC on the training servers.
    • ACE Fortify.
    • Headless client (Later in the year maybe™).
    Regarding the ACRE rollout. We are pushing it out to 06 February to ensure we get a good start with it, i.e. provide good documentation on installation, usage and new Signal Operating Instructions as well as cScripts implementation.

    I firmly believe that regardless of the details, we all have a firm commitment to making the Cav a better place in 2018. With your continued feedback and the very committed members of the S3 department working hard on our behalf, we will succeed. Thank you.

    S3 Staff

    If you have questions or suggestions, here is a list of the various feedback threads for the different areas:
    Here is a list of leads for the different areas of the S3 Department:

    S3 Command Staff

    OIC S3: Argus.J
    XO S3: Carter.D
    NCOIC S3: SGM.Tully.B

    S3 Arma

    Arma School of Infantry Lead: Argus.J
    Arma Aviation Lead: Walsh.D
    Arma The Armor School Lead: Baeder.S
    Arma Operations Staff Lead (Private Cav Operations): Atherton.H
    Arma Public Operations Staff Lead: SGM.Tully.B
    Arma Mod Testing Lead: Whitsel.M
    Arma Scripting Lead: Brostrom.A

    S3 ACV

    ACV Aviation Training Center Lead: Bremer.T
    ACV Battlestaff Lead: Lucander.P

    S3 Squad

    Squad School of Infantry Lead: Czar.J
    Squad Battlestaff Lead: Hollenshead.J
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    S3 does great work. Thank you to all that help make operations and these continual improvements on a daily basis so that we can enjoy the best milsim experience possible here at home in the 7th Cavalry!
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    Great work by Ops as always, I look forward to these new revamped operations!!
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    Very interesting changes, can't wait.
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    I felt as though things were continuously improving last year and am really looking forward to the upcoming changes.
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    What a Fantastic Idea!!! Outstanding and Can't wait!!!

    All The Way!
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    Here here! S3 does a great job improving the gaming experience for the rest of us and you aren't recognised enough for it.
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    Should coordinating resup, medevac etc. be the job of the 2IC? Not that I'm not all about the concept of APOLLO.

    Also, reiterating S3 does great work.

    Also @Tully.B please
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    My understanding as it was explained to me is that "Apollo" acts as Logistics Officer, working on the backside, the 2 I/C only requests.

    Also lol, I have literally never once seen a PSG really do that aspect of their job in Arma, usually they just focus on assisting their PL, so I think it doesn't hurt to have someone, for the purposes of this game to focus solely on the CSS aspect.
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    I just wanted to say thank you for all the effort you guys put in to make a better realism/gameplay experience for myself and others! It for sure does not go unnoticed! Hugsies!!!!!!!!!
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    Much thanks to the S3 guys for the behind the scenes work! These updates definitely address issues that have been rumbled about here and there. JSRS will be a nice treat for TAC2 guys and gals for sure and recommend it for anybody trying to enhance their immersion in Arma!
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    Nice news
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    But.... But.... We deserve love too! heh
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    Looking forward to seeing these changes lads!
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    These modpack changes dont affect Tac-2, correct? I'd be nice to have advanced movement on that as well as a new place to test out the F-15.
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    The steam workshop mods will be applied to TAC 2 also. The Cavpack mods as per usual don't go on TAC 2. I'm unsure if the F-15 will be added off the top of my head due to FIR issues on the server. I'm sure CPL.Moraru will work it in if it can be.
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    Is there a way to see which mods are going only to the cav?
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