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Announcement BF2042 Recruitment Operations

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BF2042 Recruiting and Events
Starting Now!!!!

The 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment invites you to the newest iteration of BF2042. EA games has brought it back with bigger maps, more players to fight against. Come join us as a working team and fight against the enemy at hand. Get the feel of working with a team. Join us and learn tactics. Also come and join our structure of a Brotherhood. More training plans and operations in the making. Come check our web page and learn more about us.


The 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment is a military simulation clan primarily focused on Arma 3, Squad, and Hell Let Loose. Now looking to Add BF2042. The Regiment was founded October 15th, 2002 and remains committed to milsim today. This means that when you enlist, you will earn your place as a trooper in one of the oldest gaming units online! For the majority of people in the Cav, this unit is not just somewhere to play. It truly is a brotherhood in which all are respected and supported by their brethren. Enlist today!

How to Play

If you would like to play as a team with our Members. Find and Player with 7 Cav tags an send an invite to be added to friend list. Since this is a cross play game, come join us in Discord. Address listed below.

Team Speak And Discord

The 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment promotes coordinated gameplay.

7th Cavalry TeamSpeak 3 Address: ts3.7cav.us
Port: 9987
Password: 7thCavalry

7th Cavalry Discord


We take the feedback from our public players and members very seriously. We are always striving to improve the server and gameplay experience for all. If you have any feedback for the server, we'd love to hear from you!

Join The Cav

Want to know more but not yet a member of the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment? Enlist today and join our success!

We hope to see you in game!!!
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