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1/B/1-7 Bradley Rollout

Discussion in 'Public Announcements' started by Miller.B, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Miller.B

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    Secondary Billets:
    S1 - Milpacs AO Lead

    1/B/1-7, our dedicated armor platoon, is proud to announce that we will now also include the M2A3 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle as part of its scope of what 1st Platoon trains on a regular basis.
    • Within 1st Platoon, the M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank is still the first and foremost priority!
      • However, in the event there is extra crewman or it is an operation that only fields M2A3 Bradley's, 1st Platoon will be expected to join 2/B/1-7 to help crew those positions
      • 1st Platoon will not be replacing the Viking-5 (Platoon Sergeant and Track Commander of the last numbered Banshee) position if he or she is present

    Best Regards,

    1/B/1-7 Platoon Leader​
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