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  1. Lindsay.A

    [Re-Enlistment] Lewis.Alan - ARMA 3 | COMPLETED

    As if you didn't already know.
  2. Lindsay.A

    [Re-Enlistment] Lewis.Alan - ARMA 3 | COMPLETED

    The legend returns. Wulf.C Law.S Summerfield.P Spitnale.K
  3. Lindsay.A

    Chinese Mega Corp aquires minor stake in Bohemia

    Right now it looks like it just gained one of BI's games access to the market in China although I'm sure they will insist the game is modified in some way. If it gives them some $$ and allows them to bring a few more people onboard that's great I just hope there are no strings attached to the...
  4. Lindsay.A

    Chinese Mega Corp aquires minor stake in Bohemia

    Chinese Mega Corp Tencent has acquired a minority stake in Bohemia Interactive, makers of Arma and DayZ. Terms of the investment were not disclosed. Read more here
  5. Lindsay.A

    Share Your Favorite Cav Pics! V3

    Not a pic but a favourite memory for sure. Cosme.O and I were in the process of refueling and rearming an AH64 in the middle of an Operation. The Raider glitched due to the refueling truck hose bug. If the hose was near its max range occasionally and without warning it could make the aircraft...
  6. Lindsay.A

    EA no longer has Star Wars video game exclusive rights

    Too bad they didn't go to RockStar games, Star Wars in a sandbox
  7. Lindsay.A

    Announcement Welcome Back!

    Thanks for all your work @Jarvis.A and @Sweetwater.I among others. We appreciate it!