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  1. Rogers.S

    Announcement BF2042 Recruitment Operations

    BF2042 Recruiting and Events Starting Now!!!! The 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment invites you to the newest iteration of BF2042. EA games has brought it back with bigger maps, more players to fight against. Come join us as a working team and fight against the enemy at hand. Get the feel of working...
  2. Rogers.S

    Announcement BF 2042 Name

    Any Cav member who has BF2042, please put your user name here along with Cav name. This is so we can compile a list of friends and be able to add. Thanks
  3. Rogers.S

    For those waiting on BF2042

    Need a list of people to add for list for Cav . 82ndParaTrpr
  4. Rogers.S

    Hi from the new HLL guy

    Welcome to the Cav!
  5. Rogers.S

    To Our 7 CAV ARMA Pilots

    My point exactly, Warrant Officer 1!!! Lol
  6. Rogers.S

    To Our 7 CAV ARMA Pilots

  7. Rogers.S

    Time to say Goodbye

    Sorry to hear, keep strong. I follow you on facebook.
  8. Rogers.S

    Sad Afternoon

    Today was a sad day for me. Not that anything personal to my life or family of tragedy happened but what I came across as I was enroute to my home. I can not press more how important life maybe be . whether it is a person or animal. I value life of all. Anyway on my way home, about five cars...
  9. Rogers.S

    Announcement Memorial Day

    On This Day as You are Enjoying Your Day off. With Cookout, Pool Parties, Regular Parties. Please Take a Moment of Silence for the Veterans who have Fallen to give Us these Freedoms to Enjoy A Company 82nd Combat Aviation Regiment
  10. Rogers.S

    Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

    Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me!!!!
  11. Rogers.S

    Forum permissions and you: A guide

    Rank: Captain Primary: Alpha Company CO Secondaries: OIC of RTC, MP