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  1. Jay.M


    Review complete. Ban lifted.
  2. Jay.M


    Kleinman.H for appeal.
  3. Jay.M


    You were perma banned due to suspected cheating, which we have zero tolerance for. You can appeal the ban here if you want - in which case it’ll be reviewed by general staff.
  4. Jay.M

    i'm new, what to do?

    Good morning and Welcome! One of our recruiters will respond in due course. In the meanwhile - feel free to hop into our Discord and say hi in the recruitment channel. One of our recruiters will guide you through the process there :) https://discord.gg/7cav
  5. Jay.M


    I cant see any bans with your name in them. I've also put your steamID through and nothing shows. When was the last time you tried to connect? Please try logging into our server now.
  6. Jay.M


    Do you have any more details? What was you username at the time or your steam id?
  7. Jay.M

    Ban Appeal

    Thank you for getting in touch - a member of General Staff will review this and get back to you on a decision. For Gen Staff review - Kleinman.H This ban was carried out during the change over from our old forums, to our current ones - at which time there was no active 'Ban Report' thread...
  8. Jay.M

    [Petition] Ban Appeal - HLL - LargeMouse - The Lucky Strikes

    Good afternoon Capt. Speirs, Thank you for reaching out to us regarding this matter. We appreciate the time you have taken to do this - someone from our General Staff will respond in due course. Kleinman.H
  9. Jay.M

    Ban appeal.

    Good afternoon, As per your other thread here, the appeal has been denied. Our Gen Staff, who have reviewed the current ban report (and previous ban report, which was lifted - as you were given the benefit of the doubt) have made their decision. Believe me when I say that this discussion is...
  10. Jay.M

    [Denied] Ban Appeal - HLL - Largemouse

    For Gen staff review. Kleinman.H
  11. Jay.M

    [Denied] Ban Appeal - HLL - Largemouse

    We don’t “keep bringing it up”. This is a separate and new incident. An administrator has deemed your gameplay suspicious enough to ban you for cheating. You have asked why you were banned and I have passed that info onto you. Do you want to appeal the ban?
  12. Jay.M

    [Denied] Ban Appeal - HLL - Largemouse

    Good morning, You were banned due to suspected cheating/hack similar to your prior ban which was commuted to 30 days after a review.
  13. Jay.M

    Ban Follow up

    Unfortunately, we don’t share our clips externally.
  14. Jay.M

    Nailydud1 - Arma 3 appeal

    Ban amended to 30 days - set to expire 00:01z 03/18/23.