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  1. Jarvis.A

    Re-Enlistment Posted S2 [PC - Hell Let Loose] - Adler.Joseph

    tracking Baeder.S this is for a startup game
  2. Jarvis.A

    Upheld - Converted to 30 days | Perma Banned from HLL server

    There's too much that's suspicious to me on your youtube channel. When I factor in the admin recording, in which you seemingly knew the direction of Hostiles (admin cam can view all player silhouettes). Once or twice, I can put down to luck or perhaps skill. But everytime, is too much. That...
  3. Jarvis.A

    Application Appeal

    Understood, that's fine CatchMeOutside sadly, Sergeant Van Alstine is correct. We don't allow any VAC bans within 5 years of applying
  4. Jarvis.A

    Application Appeal

    Van Alstine.R too sorry, do you have an enlistment link?
  5. Jarvis.A

    Application Appeal

    I've only just seen this. What actually happened here Sypolt.R
  6. Jarvis.A

    Re-Enlistment Posted S2 [PC - ARMA 3] - Grgich.Alexander

    This is a special re-enlistment being handled by General staff collectively General Baeder is aware. I’ll be processing this one