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  1. Jarvis.A

    Enlistment [PC - Hell Let Loose] - Jarvis.Adam

    Username: Jarvis.A Name Jarvis.Adam Age 55 Time zone: (UTC+00:00) Coordinated Universal Time Discord Account some-account#1234 Military experience No Selected Platform/Game PC - Hell Let Loose Steam ID 76561198146705130 Active in Another Clan/Unit? Yes Past Clan...
  2. Jarvis.A

    Transparency on Article 32/CM for David Kerr

    Evening all, Today, we have had to ban permanently Kerr.D from our forums, servers & services. I & the other General Staff (management) of the 7th Cavalry community wanted to be transparent on how this court martial came to be. Here's the evidence that an independant Cav member, as selected...
  3. Jarvis.A

    [Enlistment] Jarvis.Adam - ARMA 3

    Username: Jarvis.A Enlistment Name: Last Name Jarvis First Name Adam Are you re-enlisting? No Recruiter(s) Sweetwater, Godzilla Age 99 Your Time Zone (UTC+00:00) Coordinated Universal Time Steam Account 76561193706433856 I have read and comply with the policy documents. Yes...
  4. Jarvis.A

    Announcement MILPACs now Active

    ALCON, Now that MILPACs is now active, I've hidden the Barracks forum area from non-cav members. Please be patient while S1 works through the list of users. For more information on S1's strategy for processing MILPAC profiles, click here
  5. Jarvis.A

    Usernames and you - what happens with the new forum?

    ALCON I've had several questions about usernames here on the new forums, and what happens to folks who were registered on the old forum but have since discharged or retired etc. As we did last forum move (Jan 2016), any currently active member will be guaranteed their username on this new...
  6. Jarvis.A

    Welcome to the 7th Cavalry - Recruit Guide

    Welcome to the 7th Cavalry Take your time to inspect the enlistment Form. It's important that you try and input each field correctly, as it will save our staff many man hours down the line Choosing Your Name When you are choosing a name to enlist in the 7th Cavalry, you must choose a...
  7. Jarvis.A

    Minimum Requirements for Enlistment in the 7th Cavalry

    Here are the minimum standards for enlistment into the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment: 1. Minimum age is 18, not debatable, no exceptions 2. You must have a microphone 3. Must have one of our supported games to join: 4. Must be willing to play in a Military and Tactical Realism Unit 5. Must...
  8. Jarvis.A

    Forum permissions and you: A guide

    Welcome everyone to the new website! There are some teething pains with the new version of milpacs, and as such S1 can't process your accounts to give you the right forum permissions until that's done. I'm waiting on some bug fixes from the developer, but that may not come until after the...
  9. Jarvis.A

    Announcement Welcome Back!

    Welcome back everyone!